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Why Choose Us?

Fast Forward Finance is a highly trusted and respected broker of business and bridging loan products in the UK.

We help individuals and businesses to source loans for business at competitive rates and arrange quick, short-term loan agreements.

If you need quick capital for investment in property or business projects, you ‘re on exactly the right page.

Fast Forward Finance works with a wide array of lenders and financial institutions who all believe in helping businesses raise the funds they need, so there is no unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape to wade through.

Our committed and knowledgeable team works with professional valuers and solicitors to provide the highest level of service, ensuring that our loan rates, speed of fund release and customer support are among the best in the industry.

We’re proud to be the broker of choice for hundreds of businesses throughout the UK.

Not convinced yet? Below are additional reasons why we are your preferred broker in the UK for business and bridging loans.


You experience real flexibility when you work with Fast Forward Finance for your business finance needs. Here, you won’t be tied to unfavourable contracts and terms. In fact, if you can decide to pay off your loan before the end of the contract term if your business situation changes and you will not have to worry about early repayment fees.

Our lending system is so flexible that you can decide on a flexible- or fixed-term repayment system (subject to the lender’s approval).

This way, you don’t have to worry about meeting your repayment commitments but can focus on growing your business instead.

There’s no limit to how you use your funds.

You decide whether to invest them in business growth (e.g. marketing, sales, inventory, publicity, machinery, etc.), or simply cover workers’ salaries, tax payments, other operating expenses – or even pay off old debts.

Readily available cash can sometimes even eliminate the need to file for bankruptcy.

Simple Application

Whether you have poor or no credit, you stand a good chance of getting the funds you need as our lenders are more concerned with the viability of your business, your collateral (for secured loans), and your exit strategy than with your credit status or history.

In fact, whether you are a new business with limited credit footprint or a small business that has been denied a loan by your bank as a result of poor credit, you can qualify with Fast Forward Finance based on factors that do not include your financial history or strength.

This levels the playing field, making it possible for virtually any business to apply for – and qualify for – a loan.

There is no red tape, no lengthy application forms, and no extensive credit checks.

Why not apply today?

Clear Pricing

At Fast Forward Finance, we believe that integrity and transparency drive every business. This belief is fully ingrained in our business policy, so much so that we make every aspect of the loan transaction clear to all parties from the very beginning.

When we arrange a loan for you, you can be 100% sure that there will be no hidden fees, no unexplained charges and all our rates and charges will be clearly defined.

Part of our job is to seek the best rates for our clients, so that they end up with loans that will benefit their businesses and, if perchance there happens to be any extra charges attached, these will be explained from the beginning so that there are no unexpected surprises in the future.

Our prices are clear and you can know what you are going into before signing any contract.

To get an idea of what a bridging or business loan will cost you, why not use our user-friendly loan calculator or request a quote?

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Want to check your eligibility before you apply for a Development Bridging Loan?

Faster Process

Applying for a Fast Forward Finance loan facility requires only minimal time and paperwork, as we have already eliminated the lengthy application and approval processes.

You can be approved within one day upon receipt of your application and receive your first funding round the same week.

You always have fast, easy, and direct access to a dedicated account manager when you apply on Fast Forward Finance website.

This ensures you will be immediately taken care of properly. Quick responses and decisions are simply a phone call or a mouse-click away.

Free No-obligation Review

Fast Forward Finance also offers potential clients a free, no-obligation loan application review.

With a no-obligation loan application review, you can get your loan application reviewed by a professional financial adviser without having to pay an upfront fee or make any other kind of commitment.

You will receive an easy-to-digest report letting you know:

  • Exactly where you stand with your business/investment finances.
  • Your loan options.
  • What you should do next and how much it would cost.

Having received your review, you are not obligated to make a payment or even engage our services.

Alternatively, you can take things one step further and ask us to source and arrange a loan with a suitable lender willing to consider your loan needs.

At this stage, we will let you know what this will cost you.

Experienced Advisers

The Fast Forward Finance team consists of highly experienced professional finance brokers specialising in providing the most competitive financing facilities quickly and with the least amount of fuss.

With years of industry experience in all major forms of business finance, you can be sure that you are dealing with experts who will give you the best advice on business finance, and at the same time go out of their way to get only the best loan deals for you.

Our years of industry experience have helped us establish an extensive network of lenders, made up of the top providers of finance in the country.

This helps us to give our clients a wide range of options, which ensures that along with the most competitive underwriting, we can have the best rates and the highest loan to values.

Consequently, we have the ability to find the finance options that best suits the individual requirements for all of our clients.

Access to the Whole Market

We have access to all the best bridging loan suppliers at Fast Forward Finance, plus a number of special products that are useful for applications that fall outside the typical lending requirements.

We take the time to fully understand your plans and financing requirements, before we find the best deal on the loan product that will be best suited to your needs.

As specialist bridging loan brokers, we provide all of our customers with the best possible financing facilities, connecting with our network of lenders to find the best options for your specific situation.

When it comes to business/ bridging loans, we have access to the entire market and can connect you to lenders who are willing to consider your loan application.

Get in touch today to get started.

Build Long Term Relationships

We at Fast Forward Finance do not believe that our relationship ends with the expiry of your loan term. Our goal is to become a vital financial partner in your company, which is why all aspects of our transactions are geared towards creating a long-term partnership with our customers.

As a well-respected FCA finance broker, we put the interests of our customers ahead of our own. We work hard to make sure that we always treat customers fairly and deliver the best possible results for our customers, because we know that your exit strategy will be activated in a few months’ time, and we look forward to a fruitful relationship that will last beyond this period.

Available All day, Every day

Fast Forward Finance understands the demands of modern businesses. This is why our lines are always active and our doors always open at every hour of the day.

There is no delay when you need that crucial funding. Fast help is just a phone call or mouse click away – even when other businesses are not working.

We are always available all day, every day and can guarantee a prompt response when you get in touch.

Request a call-back or call 02035142058 to speak to someone immediately.

The Financial Solutions we Offer

Our reputable and credible financing services, which cover a variety of resources in business finance and the UK loan market, guarantee a maximum success rate when sourcing finance for your company.

Whether you require a commercial loan to boost your business operations, Asset Finance, Equipment Loan, Development Business Loan, Cash-flow Loan, Unsecured Loan, No Credit Check Loan or Bridging Loans, rest assured Fast Forward Finance will look to find the best finance solution for you and your business.

In fact, we offer a wide range of funding services so that you will be guaranteed of finding an option that suits your business needs.

Each choice has its own advantages and that may depend on the kind of business you are running and what kind of loan you are seeking.

Click Here to see our Range of Financial Solutions.

Our main goal as a team is to focus exclusively on your company’s goals, ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with the service provided.

Meeting the expected outcome of your business is extremely important and we always take this into account when choosing and determining all the options available to you.

So, whether you want to use collateral as security when borrowing large sums of money or financing your business with a short-term bridge loan, we can work with you to make the right choice for your business.

Arranging your Finance with Fast Forward Finance

At Fast Forward Finance, we’ve exceeded expectations in the financing industry in recent years. This has come as a result of our sheer determination and consistent hard work to deliver outstanding service to all clients.

We can help you to structure your loan deal with our experienced and growing team of business loan specialists to ensure that the funding package you decide to take will see your project through to completion.

From managing your account for the foreseeable future to helping you to increase your company’s overall revenue by providing productive financial support, a dedicated account manager will be available during the entire business loan cycle who will direct you through the application and funding phase.

We work with established and professional lenders to ensure that the transaction is well organised from the outset and who add value to the process by using their expertise to make the deal work.

As regulated brokers we can offer you a complete solution for business and bridging finance.

We believe in offering end-to-end service which gives you the peace of mind that once the loan term is complete, we will not abandon you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at Fast Forward Finance whenever you need quick cash for investment and business needs and let us arrange financing for you.

Call 02035142058 to get started or request a call-back today.

Effective Funding Options for you and Your Business

Our dedicated team will take the time to fully understand your financial needs, what you’re trying to accomplish, your timescale and current circumstances.

We will then prepare information regarding the various options available to you.

As professional brokers we take care and consideration in handling your financial problems.

We not only manage all of your loan process from start to finish, removing any stress and hassle but we also keep in touch with you regularly, walking you through the process of how we secure a loan for you.

We’ll also provide you with detailed, informative answers to any questions and queries you may have.

With the help from the experts at Fast Forward Finance, you can be advised on the most suitable funding options available to you.

Our experts have a wealth of knowledge that we are willing to share with you, and our website includes a wide array of information that can help you select the best funding choice for you.

If you have any questions about Fast Forward Finance loan options, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Still have questions?

Want to check your eligibility before you apply for a Development Bridging Loan?