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Finding the right business loan can be difficult, but at Fast Forward Finance, we can help.

There are a variety of funding options in the business financing world, including: unsecured loans, secured loans, business line of credit, asset financing, invoice finance, cash-flow financing, bridging loans, and many more.

Each choice has its own advantages and whichever one is best for your needs may depend on the kind of business you are running and what kind of loan you are seeking.

The most difficult factor can sometimes be finding which option suits both you and your business.

This is where the services of a professional business finance specialist can help you.

If you feel your business is eligible for one of the above-mentioned financing options, then you can enquire today and we may be able to arrange something for you.

If not, our specialists are here to advise you on which option will be best suited and be most profitable.

Types of Finance we Offer:

When we know your needs, we can help you decide which product and lender is best suited for the loan. There are many ways a business can borrow, so check out some of our funding options below:

Commercial Finance

Commercial loans are available for many purposes, such as buying inventory, expanding or purchasing new premises or even raising desperately needed cash.

Commercial financing ultimately helps companies of all sizes to accomplish their goals because they are then better able to invest in properties, take on new staff and retain a healthy cash flow.

Many companies can qualify for commercial financing. and at Fast Forward Finance, our commercial finance department will provide you with access to a wide panel of UK lenders.

We will not only look for the best loan product but you can also be assured that Fast Forward Finance will also give you the most competitive quote. Apply here.

Business Loans

Get the business loan you need with terms that suit you and best fit your complex business requirements. Our business loan brokers have more than a decade of experience and can arrange business loans that suit all forms of business.

Whether you’re looking to raise the finances to start a new business, buy an existing business, or expand your own business, finding a deal that suits your circumstances can be challenging and complex but with the services we provide here at Fast Forward Finance, we can make sure your business is taken care of with utmost attention to detail and absolute professionalism.

Our professional and hard-working business loan brokers have access to the entire market of lenders, which means they can compare and review deals from a wider range of lenders, enabling us to furnish our clients with the best, most effective financing option that will benefit them the most.

Our range of business loan products include:

Short-term Business Loans

Short-term business loans are a versatile option of funding that is typically quicker and simpler for small to medium-sized companies to get accepted for. These are available to companies registered in the UK.

Borrowing a limited amount of capital for a very short period of time will never cause business owners to worry about overstretching their cash flow. There’s no long-term commitment and you can handle pressing business needs before they get out of hand.

Check your eligibility for a small business loan.

Large Business Loans

Large business loans enable you to borrow up to £XXX in business loans. These loans are usually active between a few weeks and 2 years, and are available in the UK for eligible companies.

At Fast Forward Finance we partner with lenders to offer large loans, both secured and unsecured, at exclusive rates and flexible terms. To find the best deal for you, we can search the loans market on your behalf and help you put something together, so that you can have the funds you need to engage in cash-intensive business projects.

£50,000 Business Loans

A £50,000 loan can help move your business down to the next level.

This form of loan is suitable for businesses wishing to take advantage of a time-based opportunity but do not have the amount readily available at the time. It is also a great way to handle cash flow problems and the daily running costs.

As long as you can satisfy the lender’s conditions, you may be able to borrow £50,000 for your business over a pre-arranged period of time to fix cash flow issues.

To find out how to get a 50K loan for your business, call 02035142058.

£100,000 Business Loans

Getting a £100,000 business loan will help you raise the funds you need to boost your business operations, launch a new product line or get the extra workspace you need.

Whatever your needs, we’re willing to help you explore the right solutions for your business when there’s a business opportunity but you need a significant cash injection to take it up.

Apply for a business loan of up to £100,000 and, if approved, you will usually have the funds within 48 hours of signing the contract, providing you with the funding you need to take your business to the next level.

Find out if you are eligible for a 100K loan.

Fast Business Loans

A fast business loan is just like any other business loan, except that the application and payment is designed to be much faster. This makes it an ideal choice for companies seeking a swift cash infusion.

A fast business loan is meant to provide a short-term cash infusion to get your business through a tough period.

At Fast Forward Finance, when we say it is a fast business loan, we mean it. Your loan application may be accepted on the same day as long as you can meet the conditions and specifications set by the lenders (which are relatively simple).

Get started today.

Tax Business Loans

Tax delays can be a costly error. So, why not benefit from pursuing additional financial resources? In fact, considering taking out a loan to cover your tax bill is a good idea, since the cost is usually lower than the combination of interest and penalties set by the HMRC.

Fast Forward Finance can help you arrange a quick business loan so you can handle outstanding tax arrears or even prepare for the one to come.

It is important as a business to be able to make these payments comfortably when they come up while maintaining a reasonable level of working capital so that you can keep your business going.

Apply here.

VAT Business Loans

A bigger than expected, or even an unexpected VAT bill, could jeopardise your business finances. Fortunately, there are however a variety of lenders who can offer a competitive VAT loan that will provide you with the funds you need to pay your HMRC bill.

A quick, flexible loan can be a lifesaver when cash flow is tight and an unexpected bill crops up.

We will work with your business at Fast Forward Finance to discuss options for VAT loans so that you can be good and ready to meet VAT payments as they come up.

Apply here. or call 02035142058 to speak with an expert.

Equipment Business Loans

Equipment business loans are a great choice for small business owners who may need help paying for work equipment, machinery and vehicles required to operate their business.

The security for this type of loan is tied to the equipment, meaning the lenders can seize and liquidate the equipment to pay off the loan if you default on your loan.

The equipment typically serves as collateral for the loan and the rates will depend on the value of the equipment and on the individual lender.

Fast Forward Finance can help qualified businesses apply for business equipment loans with competitive rates and terms of payment. Apply here.

Property Business Loans

A range of commercial property finance products exists on the market that can help fund the purchase of property.

So, whether you’re looking for short-term financing to fund the renovation of your business premises or a long-term funding to finance a new property’s investment, we can help point you in the right direction to secure the property financing deal for your business.

Fast Forward Finance can use its network to provide the best available property business loan in the UK. This way, you can take advantage of any property investment opportunity that comes up for your business, or fund the property expansion project.

Apply here.

Development Business Loans

Expansion is crucial if you want to compete with other businesses in your area.

This could involve expanding your production facility, hiring and training more workers, launching a new product or range of services, or investing in research and development – all of which requires funding.

We have access to a wide range of loan providers at Fast Forward Finance, who can consider funding your business development project through a business loan.

Our lenders can provide loans for business development, whether you need finance for innovation, marketing or hiring.

Still have questions?

Want to check your eligibility before you apply for a Development Bridging Loan?

Cash-flow Business Loans

A cash-flow loan is a type of business finance that is used to help companies manage their cash flow, fund short-term business ventures and day-to-day operations and finance.

At Fast Forward Finance, we help businesses arrange the cash-flow loans from lenders who focus more on business performance than on credit score. Additionally, businesses can benefit from short repayment periods, which typically last for 12 months.

Apply here.

Unsecured Business Loans

Do you need unsecured business loans in the UK?

Unlike many other types of corporate borrowing an unsecured business loan is not secured against assets or property.

Usually unsecured business loans can be drawn down quickly, as there is no need to assess any assets or property. Valuations and conveyances are not necessary as such.

This form of financing is ideal for small businesses and start-ups that are yet to have much trading or credit history.

To find out if you are eligible for an unsecured business loan, call 02035142058 to speak to an account manager today.

No-credit-check Business Loans

If you have suffered from adverse credit before, it can be difficult to raise additional financing for your business through your bank.

Thankfully, we have solutions that will get you funding quickly and with minimum hassle.

Our no-credit-check business loan is a type of business finance where the lender does not take the credit score into account during the application. Typically, it is short-term lending and it will probably cost more than other options.

So, if you have a low credit score, or your business is too young to get a credit score, we might be able to get a workable loan deal for you.

Call us on 02035142058 or enquire online to get started

Bridging Loans

A bridging loan is a form of short-term loan available to businesses and is intended to act as temporary financing to bridge the gap between when funds are needed and when funds are expected to come into the business.

A bridging loan is ideal for a short-term solution and will move your business forward while you are awaiting income or a more permanent alternative form of finance.

For any business purpose a bridging loan can be used as long as you can prove to the lender that there is a clear exit plan. Our specialised property finance team at Fast Forward Finance can help you arrange bridging loans tailored to your specific needs.

With XXX years of experience in quick bridging loans, we have built a strong network of the most flexible lenders in the country, so businesses have a really good chance of getting the loans they need to bridge a short-term cash-flow problem. So, if you need short-term cash loans to fund your business needs, you will find our bridging loan solutions that can work with you below.

Commercial Bridging Loans

A commercial bridging loan will help if your business needs short-term funding to make a big purchase, rent a workplace, or manage any other pressing business obligations.

This loan is typically only available for a few months to three years, while you are making long-term financial plans.

We take the trouble to find you a suitable bridging loan and get one of our professional brokers to quickly arrange business bridging financing tailored to your needs, of course subject to your fulfilment of the lender’s requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your business needs for bridging loans.

Short-term Bridging Loans

If you need a short-term loan, we may be able to help you arrange financing for business purposes that will only be active for a few months.

Accessing short-term bridging funding is a simple process and loans may be secured against residential or business property and used for business finance purposes or property investment projects.

Contact the experts at Fast Forward Finance to discuss your bridging needs for short-term loans or ask for a quote today.

Large Bridging Loans

Fast Forward Finance specialises in arranging large bridging loans amounting to £XXX and upwards to help you secure your dream property or manage business projects in a much shorter period.

We have access to competitive interest rates and can generally get a quick decision.

Because we work with a variety of banks, private lenders and specialist bridging loan providers, even if you fall outside the normal lending parameters, we often can help.

Request more information today.

£50,000 Business Loans

A £50,000 bridging loan will help propel your business to the next level.

Whether you are investing in business property, looking to boost your market share or even consolidating your debts, the option you need might be a bridging loan of up to £50,000.

We can connect you with lenders who may be willing to consider your application for a loan and help you arrange terms and conditions best suited to your financial situation.

To find out how to get a 50K loan for your business, call 02035142058.

£100,000 Business Loans

Taking out a £100,000 bridging loan could help you raise the funds you need to cope with costly project needs, expand your business or even invest in properties.

Whatever your needs are, we’re willing to help you explore amounts up to 100K in the right bridging loan solutions.

We work with a range of lenders who can offer up to £100 000 fast bridging loans, and we may be able help you find a range of competitive short-term loans.

Find out if you are eligible for a 100K loan.

Fast Bridging Loans

Need business capital fast?

While bridging loans are among the fastest forms of finance, there are times when even extra speed is needed in its execution. You may be negotiating on a time-based business deal, needing to raise funds immediately before the opportunity slips away.

Luckily, we know which of the lenders are the quickest and we know what information they need to make sure an application goes through easily and quickly; also, our long-standing relationships with them ensure that they can do their best to help borrowers achieve their objectives.

If everything checks out, and in the right circumstances, you can put together a bridging loan in as little as 3 days. Get started today.

Still have Questions?

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Tax Bridging Loans

Tax is an inevitable part of running your business and may require lump-sum payments that could muddle up your cash flow. After a tax demand has been sent, it is not prudent to put it off for too long because this can lead to expensive fines and your business could get into government trouble.

A tax bridging loan can come in very useful here.

If you have tax payments due but face cash flow problems in your business, you should consider the tax bridging loan to fulfil your tax liabilities.

Here at Fast Forward Finance, we have excellent working relationships with lenders who can provide financing based on favourable monthly repayments. Also, we can provide expert guidance to help you better manage your tax situation in the future. Find out how.

VAT Bridging Loans

A VAT bridging loan enables you to collect short-term funding to cover the VAT bill that may be due on a business transaction.

VAT laws are complicated so it’s not uncommon for a VAT notice to come up at a late or unexpected date. Thankfully, a VAT bridging loan can provide the finance to meet these additional costs and make sure the deal is completed.

Fast Forward Finance may be able to put together a VAT bridging loan package for you. Get in touch to see your options.

Call 02035142058 to speak with an expert.

Equipment Bridging Loans

If you need funding as a growing business, to rent a new office space, or perhaps buy or repair vital equipment, bridging funding can give you the cash you need to get the equipment you need, and then you can repay the loan at a comfortable pace.

The loan can be secured against the firm’s premises, purchased equipment or even business equity. Apply here..

Property Bridging Loans

If a property that you want to buy comes onto the market but don’t want to wait until you sell an existing property to raise the funds you need, you might want to apply for property bridging finance before the opportunity passes.

In most cases, people are looking for a bridging loan to raise capital for the purchase of property while the selling of their current property is still under way.

We can look at your circumstances at Fast Forward Finance, and come up with a bridging loan plan that is ideal for your property needs.

Why not contact us for more details?

Development Bridging Loans

Development bridging loans are ideal for people looking to fix up dilapidated properties but cannot raise the funds via conventional mortgages.

Also, those who wish to renovate a property, or those who wish to develop a piece of land into rental properties can use the funding option.

Development bridging loans can also be used to take advantage of favourable investment opportunities, helping to finalise deals to avoid missing out on payment deadlines.

Whatever your needs are, we may be able to help you arrange a bridging loan for development to meet that.

Call 02035142058 to ascertain how.

Cash-flow Bridging Loans

A cash-flow bridge loan is a fast-secured financing tool that can be used to address immediate cash-flow issues and are designed to last only for a limited period of time.

Loans are secured against an actual property purchased either by the business or by you as the business owner, and you can get the funding you need even faster than if you visited a high-street branch, and so avoid the effects of short-term cash-flow problems on the business.

To explore opportunities for bridging loans by cash flow, call 02035142058.

Unsecured Bridging Loans

When you have a good credit rating, an unsecured loan is a great way to borrow money. It can be a perfect solution to bridge the gap in your finances. Plus, you don’t need to offer any of your assets as collateral, as opposed to a secured loan.

If you are looking for a quick cash injection and have a proven good, stable credit history then the right option for you is an unsecured loan.

For more detail, please fill out our easy inquiry form for a free, no-obligation quote.

No-credit-check Bridging Loans

No-credit-check bridging loans are loans provided by specialist lenders to individuals who need funds to conduct business deals but who have little or poor credit ratings.

When reviewing your application, the lenders look less at your credit score and more at the feasibility of your business plan, your loan security, and your exit strategy.

With a no-credit-check bridging loan, your less than ideal credit score won’t matter as long as everything else checks out. You can get the funds you need to handle your project needs over the short term.

Check your eligibility here.

Auctions Bridging Loans

Auction bridging loans is a form of bridging financing for handling the payment of property bought at auction and specifically to complete a transaction quickly (usually within the days allotted by the Auction House).

In most cases, a mortgage cannot be negotiated within this deadline which is why an alternative source of funding is vital.

This is where our auction bridging loan comes in.

We can help you arrange an auction bridging loan so that you do not miss out on an auction opportunity.

Request more information.

Closed Bridging Loans

A closed bridging loan is one where the loan exit strategy is clear from the beginning. This means the lender knows exactly how at the end of the term you will be repaying the loan.

Closed bridging loans often carry lower interest rates and the lenders are more likely to approve them. That’s because closed bridging loans provide lenders greater certainty and reliability in repayment.

Fast Forward Finance provides borrowers with access to a broad network of closed bridging loan lenders. You have a good chance of getting the bridging loan you need, with our expertise and help. Apply to get started.

Open Bridging Loans

An open bridging loan is a short-term financing term secured against property or land but without a specific exit strategy in place, or there is no set date for the strategy.

Open bridging loans are needed if you are uncertain of the exact period for which you need the finance.

What is not surprising is that open bridging comes with higher levels of interest. They ‘re also more difficult to find with many lenders offering only closed finance.

Fast Forward Finance, however, can work with you to arrange an open bridging loan plan, as long as you can meet the lender ‘s needs.

This way, even if your exit strategy or exit date isn’t yet clear, you can have the funds you need. Get pre-qualified today.

How do I Apply for Business Finance?

Our application process for the loan is simple, straightforward and transparent. All you have to do is sign up online and fill in the loan application form, providing all the relevant details.

Once your application is sent, our experts will study it, perform all due diligence including a credit check (where applicable) and seek out a lender willing to consider your loan application.

You can get a status report about your loan application in just a few hours. Start an application today..

What Our Clients Say About Us

Fast Forward Finance has been in the business of arranging and delivering business loans to qualified candidates in the UK for many years.

We have dozens of testimonials and 5-star reviews to show the quality of our service delivery.

Why not head over to our testimonials page to see what our clients say about us. You can also read our reviews on our social media pages.

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