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Welcome to Fast Forward Finance

Fast Forward Finance is an experienced UK-based independent bridging loan broker serving clients across the UK.

We were founded in XXX and are made up of several qualified financial service providers.

We saw the opportunity to bridge the gap in the short-term loans market and have since built a reputation in the industry for openness, responsiveness and efficiency.

A Trusted Capital Source for Over Xnumber of Businesses

We are trustworthy, experienced and committed. Our longstanding relationships with key credit partners give us access to exclusive terms and offer some of the most competitive and innovative short-term loan products on the market.

Over the years, our company has grown to be a trusted source of capital to property investors, property developers, building contractors, and even homeowners.

A Proven Track Record in Providing Bridging Loans

Fast Forward Finance is a short-term finance broker that takes a pragmatic and entrepreneurial approach to sourcing bridging financing solutions for individuals, investors, developers, professional advisors and brokers across the UK where speed and reliability are critical.

We have access to a wide range of short-term property bridging loan solutions and have assisted a wide range of customers to secure the much-needed loan they need. You too can join our hundreds of satisfied customers who have used our expertise and professional advice to get short-term funds in the UK.

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Our Bridging Finance Specialist Team

Our team has more than XXX years of experience in property and speciality lending, which enables us to quickly and easily source short-term finance for eligible clients, taking into account circumstances that other brokers cannot. Our experienced team applies decades of lending and credit risk expertise in all phases of our loan application process – to ensure that only the right projects are carried out.

What Is a Property Bridging loan?

A property bridging loan is short-term financing that is used to finance or restructure property while long term financial alternatives are being considered. It enables quick access to finance with minimal formalities.

The property bridging loans we source for clients can be secured against property for a period of one to 24 months, including land and residential property bought as an investment.

Borrow Up to £150 million with Fast Flexible Property Bridging Loans

If you need quick cash for property investment purposes, Fast Forward Finance can help you raise the funds you need. Our property bridging loan broker service is a quick and stress-free process and if your application is approved, you can get the funds you need in very little time. We work partners, lenders, other professional brokers and intermediaries to offer successful flexible applicants property bridging solutions from £100,000 to £150 million for your growing property portfolio.

Applying for a property bridging loan is easy. You can apply online, providing us with personal details about your business and personal finances. In some cases, lenders will require that you pass through a basic credit check to determine if you are an acceptable risk.  Provided that the request is made within normal working hours, we can get a preliminary decision from selected lenders by phone within minutes. We usually confirm this via email within an hour.

Property Bridging loans for your Property finance needs

Sometimes, you may need to raise quick cash to buy a property that recently came on the market. In this type of situation, a short-term property bridging loan will give you the funds you need so as not to miss the investment opportunity.

It doesn’t matter if you want to buy a property while waiting for your current one to be sold, buy property in an auction, redevelop or renovate, At Fast Forward Finance, we can provide the guidance and expertise that will help your bridging loan application. Get in touch today to get started.

Why use Property Bridging finance

Property bridging finance can be used to raise short-term funds for property investment, development or refurbishment purposes. It can also be used in a number of business situations outside of the typical property business. If you are able to arrange financing quickly, your company can take advantage of business opportunities or avert capital problems.

Who Are Property Bridging loans for?

Individuals – Individuals who need quick funds to buy or develop properties can take advantage of a property bridging loan. It can also be used for property renovations. Bridging loans are especially useful for first-time homebuyers.

Businesses – Businesses that want to invest in property acquisition or develop and renovate an existing property but don’t have the immediate cash to do so can apply for property bridging loan. Property bridging loan can also be used by businesses to buy or rent a property for facility expansion.

Personal finance – Apart from using a bridging loan for property investment purposes, individuals can also apply for bridging loan if they need funds to meet an immediate financial need. As long as there is a clear exit strategy, a property bridging loan can be gotten to handle pressing financial matters.

Bridging loans can be arranged for UK citizens, ex-pats, foreigners, businesses and trusts, as long as the primary loan signatory is above 18 years old and can meet the lender’s loan criteria.

When Should You Use a Property Bridging Loan?

A property bridging loan can be used to buy a new property while making plans to sell an existing one. The loan can be used to cover the purchase of the new property while the owner puts the current property on the market and is waiting for the deal to pull through.

In addition to supporting people moving homes, bridging loans can also be used in renovating a property so as to make it easier to sell. If you bid on a property during an auction, you usually have to buy the property in full within 28 days of a successful bid. Also, you may be required to pay 10% of the purchase price as a deposit that is non-refundable. If this money is not immediately available, a bridging loan can help you get the needed funds fast.

How Property Bridging Loans Can Help Your Business

Bridging loans can be used for a variety of reasons and can really save the day.

Whether you want a short-term loan to save your business, get more property for expansion, invest in property development, or simply want money for renovations and expansions, you may be able to find a bridging loan for your specific purpose. Property bridging financing also helps companies to solve cash flow problems, especially for companies.

By using bridging loans to buy houses or commercial buildings or handle renovation projects, you have time to complete the work on the property before you can sell or move in yourself. Since the value is likely to increase after a refurbishment, paying back the loan should be possible at the end of the property deal.

How to get the right Property Bridging loan for your business?

Whatever your goal, the key is to make sure that you take out a loan for the right reasons and that your exit plan is in place. Because the bridging loans industry is mostly uncharted for many people, it is easy to make a mistake, putting yourself further into debt. This is why it is vital that you work with people who are experienced in the bridging loans niche.

At Fast Forward Finance, we have the skills, experience, and network to help you get the right property bridging loan. Working with us will protect you from all the pitfalls associated with specialised financing. If you are unsure whether a property bridging loan or other short-term loan is suitable for you, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Our consultants work with you through the entire process to ensure that the product is right for you before proceeding. Get in touch today to start processing your quick short-term loan.

What’s the typical interest rate for a Property Bridging loan?

Interest rates on property bridge loans are generally higher than on commercial mortgages to offset the risks for lenders. However, you can get an idea of what your loan will cost by using our intelligent bridging loan calculator. This will provide you with a template of possible interest rates for your loan. That said, interest rates vary widely and can start at 0.37% a month.

Property Bridging Loan Calculator

Using a bridging loan calculator can be a great way to explore the options available before proceeding with your application. Our Bridging Loan Rate Calculator is designed to highlight all the typical fees and charges so you won’t experience nasty surprises on the go. You can also use a bridging loan repayment calculator to make sure you fully understand your repayment commitments.

What kind of fees are involved in a Property Bridging loan?

The interest on the loan may not be the only thing you will have to pay when you get a bridging loan. You may be required to pay a few other related fees including a broker fee.

However, we do not charge huge broker fees at Fast Forward finance and there are occasions when we will charge nothing, although this depends on whether the lender will pay us a fee once the loan agreement is concluded.

Typical additional fees you should expect are – a valuation fee for the inspector who is valuing the property, an exit fee (for lenders paying early exit fees) and a legal fee (which is normally paid with a fixed rate) are some of the associated expense. Additional fees can apply, so consider this before deciding if the bridging financing is right for you.

What are the Term Lengths for a Property Bridging Loan?

The duration of a bridging loan depends on the situation and the needs of our customers. When the funds are used to finance a property project, the lender will look at the planned construction schedule, add some contingency amount, and if the project is feasible, arrange a suitable loan for the needed period.

That said, a bridging loan can run for anywhere from one month to 24 months, for a closed bridging loan. But an open bridging loan means that there is no fixed deadline for complete repayment. If you are not certain of your meeting the 24 months deadline or want an open property bridging loan that gives you enough time to pay, get in touch with us on PHONEXXX. We may be able to source the ideal loan package for you.

What’s the eligibility criteria for a Property Bridging Loan?

Eligibility for a property bridging loan is generally determined solely by the provision of acceptable security. Depending on the individual lender, the most common criteria such as credit checks, evidence of sales and the general financial records may or may not apply.

At Fast Forward Finance, we will look for lenders that may be able to provide loans that appeal to your unique circumstances, however, lenders typically require that borrowers be 18 years and older, have a viable exit plan, and be willing to pass some basic credit checks.

The benefits of Property Bridging finance

Having property bridging loan will make it possible to meet the initial deposit deadline for property purchase. This amount is usually a percentage of the total value of the property and may not be easy to arrange via traditional finance sources.

Also, a property bridging loan will provide the cash you need to conclude an urgent transaction so that your business does not suffer.If you find yourself in a situation where you need quick cash whether to buy or renovate a property or for any other purpose, get in touch with us for expert advice on applying for a property bridging loan.

What can you use a Property Bridging loan for?

Buying of properties for facility expansion is one of the most common reasons people go for short-term property finance solutions. A bridging loan can also be a good short-term solution to bridge the gap between selling a property and buying a new property.

Another common use is to buy property or land at auctions where cash is quickly needed to close the deal. Property bridging loans can also be used to renovate, refurbish or carry out property expansion projects, and even solve other non-property-related financial needs.

A short-term bridging loan can be secured against almost any kind of property, giving the borrower enough time to raise funds, either from the sale of the property or from other sources to repay the loan. At Fast Forward Finance, we work closely with the borrower and lender to ensure that the loan is closed on time.

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Why Choose Fast Forward Finance for a Property Bridging Loan?

There are a number of good reasons why we should arrange your next bridging loan. First, we move very quickly, helping you get the loan you need in a few hours. We also do not charge you heavy broker fees, and sometimes we don’t even charge at all. Need more reasons to choose Fast Forward Finance? See below:

Unsecured loans available

An unsecured loan is a loan that is approved based on the borrower’s creditworthiness. It is also known as a personal loan and you do not need any collateral or assets or property to apply for one.

At Fast Forward Finance, we may be able to help you get the ideal unsecured short-term loan, however, lenders will check to confirm that you have a stable source of income and a good credit rating.

No early payment penalty

The loans we arrange allows you to repay your loan early without any processing fees or prepayment penalties. You can decide from the start whether you want to pay loans over a period of one to three months, but you can repay the loans early without a penalty.

Flexible or fixed-term payments

Loans organised by Fast Forward Finance come with the option of fixed or flexible payment systems, and you have the option to pay fortnightly or monthly with flexible repayment dates.

Fast Funding

If your loan application is successful, you may get a decision (in principle) within an hour and funding could be in your possession within 48 hours. We have competent people in our team who are ready to handle your case quickly and precisely.

We understand that speed and flexibility are everything when it comes to bridging loans. For this reason, we work hard to make sure that you get the right advice and locate the right lenders that will be willing to considerr your case quickly.

Fair decisions

We are private finance brokers who go out of the way to get fair decisions and good deals from lenders for our clients.No bureaucracy – just you and your case, who is judged fairly and quickly.

Still have Questions?

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We’re easy to work with

At Fast Forward Finance, we are known for always offering customers a personal and professional service. We have been working together with many lenders for several years and appreciate the mutual relationship that has been built up. The team is always trying to go the extra mile and is constantly recognized as an experienced and specialised broker.

Stellar customer service

We offer excellent customer service and a complete solution.Fast Forward Finance offers a personal and professional independent advisory service that doesn’t stop because your funding application has been completed.

Understanding everything about the bridging loan process is vital and our specialists bring years of knowledge and experience to help with this

Transparency Every Step of the Way

We firmly believe in transparency, so every customer engagement begins with setting expectations. We let you know upfront if you qualify for a bridging loan, what it will cost and what to expect. While we strive to speed up offers and execution, we also believe that it is our responsibility to be honest about what is really possible and how we can help.

Dedicated Account Executives

One of our team of fully qualified consultants and dedicated customer advisors will always be available to provide you with advice and details at every step of your loan application process. This executive will guide you with your property bridging loan application and will provide answers to any question you may have.

Some of the Sectors we lend to:

  • Residential
  • Property Investment
  • Retail Businesses
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Hotels and B&B
  • Hair & Beauty
  • Dentists & Opticians
  • Vets
  • Auto Garages & much more

How does the application process for a Property Bridging Loan work?

With Fast Forward Finance, we make the loan application process as easy as possible for everyone involved. We help you can cut through the traditional red tape of loan applications. After you have provided us with the reason for your loan application, the security available and a viable exit plan, we will get in touch with our lending partners to seek a suitable loan deal.

You may be required to pass through some basic screening and the Know Your Client (KYC) process, but you should be able to know the status of your application within a few hours. In most cases, the process takes between 7 days to three weeks, from the start of the process to withdraw of funds, however, depending on your case and the set of circumstances involved this may vary.

How to apply online for one of our Property Bridging Loans

We believe in making things easy for our customers, which is why we are always on hand to provide a seamless loan process. You can apply for a loan online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can even get funds deposited into your bank account on the weekend, once your application has been approved by the lender. We also have access to special rates that are not available to other brokers.

Simple Qualifications

Qualifications for a bridging loan are different because it is a special loan product. However, Fast Forward Finance, the lenders we work with are willing to look less at the borrower’s credit and financial history and instead at the investment strength and profitability.

We also endeavour to arrange with lenders who give out short-term loans based on a simple qualification process, so almost eligible applicants can get the financial help they need.

Easy Application Requirements

You just need to own a property that can be used as security against the loan and have a fair credit rating (although this is not needed by most short-term lenders).

Super-Fast Approvals

At Fast Forward Finance, a typical bridging loan can be completed in 48 hours. In a matter of hours, we may be able to get you an offer. Subject to the timely performance of all the professionals (evaluators and solicitors), lending can be completed very quickly.

Want to check your eligibility before you apply for a Property Bridging Loan?

You can contact Fast Forward Finance direct over the phone or via email or by completing an online eligibility check to determine if you are eligible for a property bridging loan. Once we have your loan details, we can begin the application process. You can check your eligibility status by clicking on the appropriate link or sending a short email to EMAILXXX.

Still have questions?

You can also send an enquiry online if you wish to contact Fast Forward Finance for additional information and one of our investment staff will get back to you as soon as possible. We will go through the entire process from the beginning to the end to find the right product for you and ensure that all documentation and terms of the loan are complied with.