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*Rates and fees may need to be amended to reflect current market conditions.

Welcome to Fast Forward Finance

Fast Forward Finance is a bridging finance broker in the UK that specialises in sourcing and offering a wide range of bespoke bridging finance solutions to qualified individuals and businesses looking for quick funding.

We want to help everyone find bridge funding that works just right. Fast Forward Finance can work with you to create a customised bridging finance option that meets your needs, whether you are buying a new property, developing a property from scratch, or repairing your existing property.

A Trusted Capital Source for Over Xnumber of Businesses

Our team has helped many companies obtain short-term funding for a variety of uses. You can secure bridging loans with property and business assets in some cases. Our team of specialists endeavour to offer sound advice based on your exact circumstances.

We also work with some specialised lenders that may be able to help companies and individuals who have problems with CCJs, defaults, bad credit, and pending bankruptcy proceedings.

A Proven Track Record as a Bridging Loan Broker

Fast Forward Finance has worked tirelessly over the years to build relationships with all major lenders in the bridging loans’ market.

We have helped many clients find the most suitable lender and put together the best possible application within their time frame. Our success is based on strong ethics and the willingness to go the extra mile for our customers.

Our Bridging Finance Specialist Team

Much of our success is thanks to our experienced and knowledgeable team of brokers. By using Fast Forward Finance, you can rest assured that we will do our best to seek out a competitive offer that is tailor-made for you; this is coupled with our excellent service and friendly team of brokers. As an independent bridge finance broker, we have access to the best lenders in the industry. We aim to make sure that your application reaches the right lender the first time, reducing the time it takes to raise the funding you need.

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What is a Bridging Loan Broker?

A broker is a gateway between your goal of getting a bridging loan and the lender who will give you the loan.

In the case of a bridging loan, there are often negotiating elements such as the security offered, the maximum loan, changes due to the content of the survey report, and legal issues. A bridging loan broker can work with you to ensure that you are not overwhelmed when negotiating with people who have more experience in the market than you.

Bridging loan broker vs. Bridging loan marketplace

If you are looking for a bridging loan from a reputable lender, a broker can search the market to provide you with the best terms available for your needs.

They can talk to lenders on your behalf to find the best prices while comparing those numbers with many other top providers; the goal is to get the perfect deal for you.

A broker can also help you determine if a bridging loan is the right solution for your circumstances.
On the other hand, the online bridging marketplace offers a platform for individuals and institutions to access bridging loans. It is a kind of comparison site where most providers of alternative finance, loans, and other financial products provide you with some detailed funding options.

How Exactly does it Work to get a Bridging Loan Through a Broker?

If you choose a bridging loan broker to assist you in processing your bridging loan application, the broker will first study your circumstances to determine if a bridging loan is the right solution for you. If it is, the broker will offer guidance and advice so that you don’t make a mistake with the bridging loan process.

At Fast Forward Finance, we also try to search through the bridging loans’ industry in a bid to identify and provide a loan deal that is right for you.

Our brokers undertake to present your bridging loan application to multiple lenders in a bid to get a lender willing to consider your loan application. This has a remarkable advantage in that you have the freedom to choose a provider and a loan rate that suits your financial circumstances.

Why should I use a Bridging loan Broker?

One of the main advantages of using a bridging loan such as Fast Forward Finance is the wide range of options. We have access to a wide range of bridging loan products, making it much easier to find the right one for you.

The experience that we have as a broker, and the broad network that we have access to, means that you can see the best and most suitable loan products offered. Bridging lenders usually prefer to work with experienced brokers who can assess the feasibility of a loan proposal and loan exit plan.

How could working with a Bridging loan broker benefit you?

A general business loan may not be the solution for everyone, but a good bridging loan broker will be able to take your unique circumstances into consideration when searching for loan options that work for you.

If for any reason your application is delayed, a good bridging finance broker can chase it up on your behalf, speed up the application, try to iron out any kinks and try to see that you get your money when you need it.

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We Offer Brokerage Services for These Different Types of Bridging Loans

Commercial Bridging Loans

If your company needs short-term funding for a large purchase or office move, a commercial bridging loan can help. We take the trouble to attempt to find a suitable bridging loan by getting one of our experienced brokers to quickly source for commercial bridging finance tailored to your needs.

Short-term Bridging Loans

Short-term bridging loans can be a lifeline when it comes to meeting financial obligations for businesses, investors, property developers, and even individuals. However, this is not always the best solution for every situation. To help you make the right decision, we strive to provide expert guidance and help you find suitable short-term bridge loans; get in touch with our experts at PHONEXXX or EMAILXXX.

We aim to work efficiently and quickly on your behalf, as we understand that speed and communication are important to you. You don’t have to follow the lender or other professionals involved in the process with a broker who is watching out for your best interests.

Cash Flow Bridging Loans

Do you need quick funding to fix a cash flow problem? Bridging loans are not just for buying, renovating, or investing in properties; businesses with a short-term cash flow gap can also take advantage of bridging loans.

Loans can be secured against physical assets like lands, buildings, and other structures with adequate equity so that you can access the funds you need faster than if you were to contact a lender on the main street.

Tax Bridging Loans

Bridging finance can help individuals and businesses pay off time-sensitive debts and tax claims. For investors, property developers, and businesses, an affordable bridging loan to pay VAT at a critical time can be a welcome lifeline.

At Fast Forward Finance, we can work with you to get a bridging loan that lets you pay an unexpected or particularly high tax burden without affecting your general cash flow; remember the only condition is that you meet the lenders’ criteria. You can use your existing property to secure funds to pay an outstanding tax liability.

VAT Bridging Loans

VAT bills place a significant burden on property purchases, and developers can use VAT bridging loans to minimise their impact on a project’s profitability.

At Fast Forward Finance, we know that it is important to solve cash flow problems as quickly as possible. Our brokers have extensive experience in helping companies with their financial problems; we may be able to help organise bridge loans from £XXX to £XXX million for VAT purposes.

Equipment Bridging Loans

If you or your business need quick financing to rent, buy, or renovate work equipment, we may be able to help. We may be able to search for suitable lenders who are willing to provide short-term loans for equipment purchase, lease, or repair. With Fast Forward Finance for your loan bridging broker, you can access a range of competitive rates in one place, compare different offers, and find the best one for you.

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Property Bridging Loans

Fast Forward Finance strives to provide you with bridging loans and property bridging finance that are best suited to your requirements, with exclusive prices.

Our finance experts specialise in bridging loans and understand the financing and development of properties. Our customers invariably feel safer because they know that they can rely on us and our common-sense approach.

Development Bridging Loans

If you have a problem financing a project, you should consider short-term funding. We are a fully regulated financial broker and aim to offer property developers and homeowners the best rates for development bridge finance in the UK.

As a bridge loan and development bridge finance broker, we endeavour to invest the time necessary to fully understand your business strategy and funding requirements and try to use this unique perspective to search for suitable development loans for your specific needs.

Auctions Bridging Loans

If you need to complete a property transaction quickly, you can count on a bridging finance broker to find suitable loans for you. We are partnered with a variety of bridge finance providers and aim to consider a variety of scenarios, including auction purchases with fast turnaround times. Our auction bridging finance team can help you secure your purchase within your 28-day closing period, as long as you can meet the lender’s criteria.

With our more than XXX years of experience in auction financing, you have access to help, whereas other brokers with less experience often can’t offer the same degree of assistance. We pride ourselves on taking a reasonable approach to every auction finance application, where our clients are at the centre of our decision making.

Up to £50,000 in Bridging Loans

If you want to take out a bridging loan for a home purchase or renovation in the UK, we can help. Fast Forward Finance is a licensed broker that can find suitable loan plans for you from a variety of lenders up to the tune of £50,000. As long as you have a suitable exit plan and can meet the lenders’ criteria, you can expect to get the funds you need at the successful completion of the short application and verification process.

Up to £100,000 in Bridging Loans

At Fast Forward Finance, we can organise bridging loans for applicants of up to £100,000. We use our in-depth market knowledge and established relationships with reputable companies to match your application with the lender who is most likely able to help.

Large Bridging Loans

Our team of specialists brings with them considerable expertise in arranging large bridging loans. If you are looking for bridging or development finance for amounts over 5 million, it may be more difficult to find a lender to work with you.

The Fast Forward Finance team has gained access to the UK market as a whole, and we undertake to get bridging loan deals up to £20m where no one else can. Contact us to discuss your situation and see if you qualify to apply.

Unsecured Bridging Loans

Looking for a fast and unsecured bridging loan that will help you buy or refinance a property?
An unsecured bridging loan is a responsible way to borrow money if you have a good credit rating. As an experienced broker, we may be able to provide access to secured and unsecured bridging loans to qualified applicants across the UK.

No-credit-check Bridging Loans

If you want a bridging loan and have poor credit, first contact an expert at Fast Forward Finance. We may be able to help you get bridging loans without your credit score influencing the lenders’ decision.

As an authorised loan broker, we are in an excellent position to help you find the financing you need. We work with over XXX lenders, many of whom will accept applications from people with a bad credit history. They are more interested in whether you can afford to repay the loan, which means not basing their decision solely on your credit score.

Bridging Loan Calculator

Our bridging loan calculator can give a good indication of the expected rates and repayment costs when applying for a bridging loan.

Our bridging loan calculator is easy to use and can provide you with an estimate of the costs involved for your project. Alternatively, complete the simple enquiry form below to find out about the lowest rates from the UK’s top bridging finance lenders.

What are the costs/fees of using a Bridging Loan Broker?

Bridging finance interest rates can vary widely depending on your situation; several factors affect the cost of bridging finance, such as the type of security and the loan to value requested.

Some associated costs that you should be aware of include a valuation fee for the surveyor who will value your land or property, an exit fee for lenders that charge early exit fees, and a legal fee which is generally paid at a fixed rate.

You should also be aware that we charge a broker fee unless the lender will be paying us a commission. However, you can rest assured that our broker fee will not break your bank.

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Some of the Sectors we lend to:

  • Retail businesses
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Hotels and B&Bs
  • Hair and beauty salons
  • Dentists and opticians
  • Vets
  • Auto Garages and MOT centres

Why Choose Fast Forward Finance as your Bridging Loan Broker?

Unsecured loans available

We endeavour to search for lenders who may be willing to give unsecured auction bridging loans for people who need this type of funding.

No early repayment fees

Unlike most mortgages or other secured loan products, the vast majority of lenders we work with do not have any early repayment fees. However, if there is a penalty for early repayment, you will be advised in advance when requesting a specific product.

Flexible or fixed term payments

Since the loans we organise are completely flexible and tailored to your individual circumstances, you can repay them at any time. You can choose a flexible payment system or opt for a fixed payment plan. We have lenders that can accommodate either option.

Fast Funding

With access to the best bridging loan rates and programs that enable us to provide affordable, fast UK property finance you are in the best hands.

Instead of going to every lender in the market, just come to us and we will do all of the hard work for you. We have relationships with all major lenders and private lenders and we can speak directly to decision-makers.

Funds can usually be released between three and 10 days, once you meet the lender criteria and pass the verification process.

Fair Decisions

If you are looking for a quick and fair decision for a bridging loan product and want to avoid disruptions along your way, we are the broker you should work with. We attempt to go out of the way to seek out suitable lenders who will study your loan situation and give a quick and fair decision.

We’re Easy to Work With

At Fast Forward Finance, it is always a pleasure to deal with customers and offer our customers a personal, professional service.

We have been in the bridging finance industry for several years; this means we have built up favourable relationships with some of the big players and lenders in the industry. Our team always strives to go one step further, and we are constantly recognised as an experienced and specialised broker.

Stellar Customer Service

Fast Forward Finance is committed to the highest standards of customer service. We aim to treat all customers fairly and offer each customer our individual attention.

We strive to provide the best financial advice and the highest standard of customer service. If you want a broker you can feel comfortable with, look no further than Fast Forward Finance.

Transparency Every Step of the Way

Fast Forward Finance is a completely independent organisation that follows the official FCA rules.
We are committed to quality, transparency, and providing objective advice. As part of our commitment to transparency, we only deal with bridging lenders whose terms, fees, and rates are completely clear from the start.

Dedicated Account Executives

Regardless of whether you need an unsecured or secured bridging loan, we endeavour to find the best bespoke solution that will fulfil all your financial needs.

Our products and services come with expert guidance, honesty, and a dedicated account manager. If you want to explore the finance options readily available to your business, please contact us today.

How to apply online for one of our Bridging Loans?

Applying for a loan with us is quick and easy. You can apply online by providing us with your personal details, such as your name, date of birth, address, the name of your bank, employment details, income information, and expenditure information.

We then carry out a credit and affordability check. These checks are in place to ensure we are not lending someone more than they can comfortably afford to repay. This process only takes a matter of minutes to complete online.

Please note: an application does not automatically qualify you for an auction bridging loan. You will have to meet the lender’s loan criteria and pass the lender’s verification process before you are considered for a loan.

Simple Qualifications

Any UK resident over 18 or a UK based company can apply. They must demonstrate that they have sufficient equity in a property and have an “exit path” where they can satisfactorily explain how they intend to repay the loan and its interest.

Easy Application Requirements

The beauty of our bridging loan application process means that there are NO credit checks, and our lenders don’t need proof of income. In fact, our lenders only need a full assessment and proof of how the loan will be repaid. It’s really that simple.

Super Fast Approvals

Loan approval can be obtained very quickly. Fast Forward Finance works with lenders who quickly evaluate loan applications and provide near-instant approval. This means that you can know your loan status within a few hours of applying.

Want to Check your Eligibility Before you Apply for one of our Bridging Loans?

To check your eligibility, fill out our online form or call our broker team at PHONEXXX; you can also fill out our call-back form. We operate a telephone advisory service, but if you prefer, you can meet us at our UK office by appointment.

Still have questions?

Let’s discuss your next property investment opportunity and arrange a bespoke bridging finance solution for you. Get in touch today to discuss your short-term loan requirements.