3 easy steps to get a secured loan

When you take out a secured loan, you use a specific asset you own, such as your home or other property, to guarantee it. Taking out a secured loan often allows you to borrow larger sums of money at a lower interest rate than you would have been able to otherwise.

A lower level of risk may make you appear to be a more dependable borrower, making it easier for you to get a loan. When you receive a loan offer from a lender, you should be confident that you can afford to pay back the loan as agreed or risk losing your house.

We may be able to assist if you want some flexibility in rates and terms and are confident you will be able to keep up with payments. With a wide range of loan products, we can find one that suits your needs and provide you with a free no-obligation quote today. Have a look at our secured loan calculator to see how much you can borrow.

Follow our 3 easy steps below to receive your funds in next to no time.

1. Search

Your first step in searching for a secured loan should be to determine if this type of loan is right for you. Our secured loan calculator can give you an idea of how much you can borrow.

3. Get Funds

We will assist you in completing the required paperwork and supporting documentation so that you can receive the money as soon as possible.

Discover your Business’ Credit Limit Today, at No Cost and No Obligation

With Fast Forward Finance credit limit system, you know just how much money your business can access at any given time. You decide how much of your credit limit you want to borrow and how long (up to 12 months) you want to borrow for. Apply by telling us about you and your company and you will get a fast decision. Find Out More

Want to seize the chance to take your company to the next level? We at Fast Forward Finance love to support business people like you. Work with us and let’s make your business dreams come true together.

Whatever the chance, don’t miss it. Let’s help you out. Take advantage of our flexible funding options for business today. Get in touch to find out more.

Discover your Business
Discover your Business

Be Cash-ready for your Next Opportunity

Every business owner knows that opportunities come all of a sudden and some opportunities come only once in a while.

That’s why it’s important that you have what you need on hand in order to jump on opportunities that will benefit your company.

Business capital is a flexible way to access financing on favourable terms. This gives you an up front, no risk and no credit cap funding and you can see how much your company can borrow.

You can then access the funds you need to help plug cash flow gaps, purchase inventory, invest in your short-term business needs or cover expenses while waiting for clients to pay you. With our range of flexible finance options, next time an opportunity presents itself, you will be cash ready. Find out more here.

You Know your Business. We Know How to Help

With years of experience in business and short-term financing, Fast Forward Finance knows all there is to know about the dynamics of business.

And while we cannot know your business better than you, we do understand how businesses work and know how best to help you. Why not take advantage of our flexible borrowing to give your business the much-needed funding?

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Why Choose Fast Forward Finance?



When you work with our loans team at Fast Forward Finance, you have the opportunity to choose between a flexible interest or a fixed payment. It’s up to you and all that the lenders want is to make sure they get back the loan by the end of the loan period.


Simple Application

When you work with a business loan broker such as Fast Forward Finance, you avoid all the delays and bureaucracy that conventional lenders are known for. Our application requirements are simple, and we are always on hand to help if you run into any trouble.


Clear Pricing

At Fast Forward Finance, we believe that financial transactions should be clear and transparent to all parties. For this reason, we are always open in all our interactions with customers and partners. Operating with us, you may be assured that there will be no unexpected surprises in the future anytime.


Faster Process

Fast Forward Financing operates with lenders who rapidly review loan applications and offer near-instant approvals. That means that you benefit from a faster loan application process and will know your loan status within a few hours of applying.

Flexible Borrowing for your Business.

For many small business owners, there comes a time when they need extra cash temporarily to cover short-term expenses.

If you are in this situation consider applying for a business loan. Fast Forward Finance provides flexible commercial loans that are tailored to the growing needs of your company.

To date, we have helped secure more than £XXX million for SMEs around the UK, with two thirds of our clients coming back to us to seek additional funding. Get up to £XXX for growing and expanding your business in XX hours. Apply today.

Business Loans up to £100,000

Taking out a £100,000 business loan will help you raise the funds you need to improve your company operations, launch a new product or obtain the workspace you need.

Whatever your needs, if there is a business opportunity but you need a significant cash injection to take it up, we’re willing to help you explore large loan options for your business.

Apply for a business loan of up to £100,000 and, if approved, you will usually have the money within 48 hours of signing the paperwork, giving you the funding and assurance you need to take your business to the next level. Get started here.

If you Want to Borrow More.

Exploring business opportunities that require more than £100,000? No problem. If your business needs more than £100,000, we’ve got you covered.

As long as you can meet the minimum requirements for the amount you need, you stand a good chance of getting a business loan of up to £XXX.

Why not get in touch to discuss your loan needs further? Call PHONEXXX or click the get started button to apply.


Need to Take a Repayment Holiday?

A repayment holiday can happen when you have been cushioned enough from making additional repayments on your existing loan.

This cushion helps you to postpone or reduce the amount of loan repayments you are expected to make regularly, so that you can take a much-needed break from loan repayments for whatever reason you may have.

Our Repayment Holiday option allows you to take a break from your loan repayments for up to XXX months, so that you can have the breathing space to accommodate changes to your business, whether planned or not.

Repayment holidays are subject to approval. Once we finalise your repayment holiday, we will inform you of any additional interest. Find out more here.

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How to Apply

By simply applying online, business owners may qualify to receive between £XXX and £XXX in funding, including the opportunity to select a repayment plan that best suits the needs of your business, over a period of XXX years.

  1. To verify your business, you will be asked for some specific information first. Please be ready to indicate the amount you intend to borrow, your average monthly revenue, your business name and number of months in business.
  2. The application will then be moved further down the page, where you will be asked to fill in your contact details, including your full name, business location, email address and phone number.
  3. You can then proceed to ‘get a quote’ after agreeing the terms and conditions. From here, one of our Account Managers will process and review your submission.
  4. After you have been matched with a lender and your loan application accepted and approved, we will negotiate the terms of your agreement. You are free to ask the lender at this point all your questions, such as repayment plans and so on, to make sure that there are no future surprises.
  5. Carefully read through the terms of the agreement, then sign and return all the necessary documents to the lender. In just 24 hours, you will then be able to withdraw the money from your account.

Want to Check your Eligibility Before you Apply?

Why not check to see if you are eligible before applying – make quick use of our user-friendly eligibility check tool to find out if you can apply for a business loan with Fast Forward Finance. Click here to access the eligibility test tool.

Other Ways to Borrow

It makes a lot of sense for business owners to explore multiple sources of business funding so that they can choose the exact one that is best suited to their business purposes.

Here at Fast Forward Finance, we offer multiple borrowing options for businesses. Each option has its unique benefits and details and any one of them may well work for different stages of your business growth. Below are our other available business loan options:

Commercial Finance

A Commercial Loan is available for many purposes, such as buying stock, expanding or buying new premises or even meeting desperately required cash.

In essence, commercial finance enables businesses of all sizes to achieve their goals as they will be better able to invest in assets, take on new employees and maintain a healthy cash flow.

Our commercial finance products at Fast Forward Finance give borrowers a large panel of UK lenders where you enter a wide market.

Not only will we look for the best loan product, but you can also be assured that you will get the most competitive quote from Fast Forward Finance too.

Learn more.

VAT Business Loans

VAT payments are some of the challenges faced by most small businesses, either because the Vat bill is too high or it has arrived unexpectedly.

Unfortunately, failing to meet the VAT obligation when due will lead to late payment penalties and more policy issues.

That is where a business VAT loan will come in.

A VAT bridging loan is similar in many respects to a traditional bridging loan, as it is intended to help “bridge the gap” as a short-term financial instrument while long-term financial solutions are being placed in place.

We will work with your business at Fast Forward Finance to discuss options for VAT loans so you can be good and ready to meet VAT payments when they come up.

Bridging Loans

A bridging loan is a kind of short-term loan, usually taken out for a period of between a few weeks to 3 years while longer-term or larger financing arrangements are being worked out. A bridging loan may be what your business needs to raise the much-needed capital for its next stage, and we may be able to help you put one together. See if you are eligible.

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Quick Loan Calculator

Quick Loan Calculator

It’s completely necessary to consider the full cost of a business loan before signing your loan contract. By using our business loan calculator before borrowing, you will get an overview of what to expect from your loan and what your loan commitments are going to be.

This calculator provides estimates of the cumulative amount of the monthly instalments, interest owed, as well as the average loan cost. When applying for a loan, knowing the numbers is a key step for any financially smart business owner. Click here to access the loan calculator.

How it Works?

Our loan application process is easy, straightforward and transparent. All you need to do is sign up and complete the loan application form, supplying all the relevant details. Once your application has been sent, our experts will study it, carry out all due diligence including a credit check (where applicable) and search for a lender willing to consider your loan application. In just a few hours, you can get a report on the status of your loan application.

See What you Can Get

The beauty of the Fast Forward Finance platform and process is that you can see how much you qualify to borrow from the very beginning.

Once you have entered your details, our system will display how much funds you can have access to if your loan application is approved. This way, you can properly plan how to use the funds and make informed business finance decisions.

Set your Term Length

At Fast Forward Finance, we work with lenders that are very flexible in their operations. This means that we may be able to get you a lender that allows you to set your own loan term length.

So, whether you want a loan for just a few months or 2 years, we will work at finding lenders willing to consider your requirements.

Here When you Need it

Whether you want to access all the funds at once or prefer to access them in tranches when you need them, as long as you can meet the lender’s criteria, and your loan approved and funds have been disbursed, your funds will be available when you need it.

You can take advantage of timely business opportunities when you have access to ready business funds.

Easy Repayments

Fast Forward Finance makes it easy for borrowers to make their repayments when due. Once you have agreed on repayment terms with the lender, you can simply create a schedule that allows payments to be sent when due.

You can even rush your repayments and get out of debt quicker without no extra cost, as our lenders do not charge early repayment fees. Ready to move your business to the next stage? See if you qualify for a loan today.

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