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Welcome to Fast Forward Finance

Fast Forward Finance is a professional broker service in the UK, offering businesses a friendly and efficient service delivery when it comes to seeking business loans of amounts up to 100K.

With a network of independent lenders all over the country, we are in a good position to help businesses secured suitable business loans or provide expert guidance if they want to handle the process on their own.

If you want a better shot at getting up to 100K in funds you need for your business, take advantage of our years of experience and industry knowledge and make the entire process not just successful, but as seamless and as hassle-free as possible. If your business can do with a cash injection of 100K, you are on the right page. Get in touch so we can explore options together.

A Trusted Capital Source for over Xnumber of Businesses

Whether you need to invest in growing your staff team, need finance to buy bulk inventory, need short-term cash flow or simply need initial funding to get a start-up idea off the ground, we’ve helped X number of businesses raise capital for needs just like this.

At Fast Forward Finance, we have endeavoured to grow to become one of the trusted sources of capital for countless businesses in the country. We have gained years of operating experience in the financial services sector and are well-positioned to offer your business the help and support it needs to raise business funds. Get in touch to discuss your business loan needs today.

A Proven Track Record in Providing Business Loans

Fast Forward Finance has helped XXX number of businesses, from start-ups to established businesses, grow, create new jobs and boost economic growth in their local communities. The established record in providing business loans that we have strived to achieve makes us one of the first points of contact for businesses looking to raise funds.

When you work with us, you can have confidence in the fact that we will ensure that the right terms are in place for each loan and provide expert support from the disbursement of funds to final redemption every step of the way.

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Our Business Finance Specialist Team

With so many financial options out there, it can often be overwhelming trying to pick the right financing solution for the needs of your business. To identify the right product, it is best you work with an experienced loans team.

At Fast Forward Finance, we have some of the most experienced professionals in the industry and with a combined experience of more than XXX years, you are in safe hands when you work with us. Our team has worked with XXX number of businesses to find the most cost-effective short-term business loans for their business needs. This is our role – to help companies save valuable time and money by simplifying the borrowing process.

Borrow up to 100K with Fast Flexible Business Loans

We work with a range of lenders who are able to offer up to 100,000 in quick flexible business loans to qualified businesses in the UK. So, whether you need extra capital to take advantage of an opportunity, or need to release funds for an unexpected cost of business, we can help you source for and arrange a range of competitive short-term loan deals.

By partnering with a variety of lenders such as traditional high street banks and also alternative lenders, we can provide loans tailored to every situation.

Can you get an Unsecured Business Loans of up to 100K?

Yes, you can get a speedy, flexible business loan of up to 100K as long as you have a good credit rating and can meet the lenders’ requirements. This is ideal for businesses with a monthly turnover above £XXX that have been trading for more than 6 months.

Unsecured business loans offer the opportunity for small and medium businesses to borrow money when they need it, without having to put up any business or personal assets as collateral. While it may be difficult to find suitable unsecured business loans if you search the market by yourself, we can connect you with lenders who can offer reliable, trustworthy, unsecured business loans if your business qualifies.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for a Business Loan of up to 100K?

Our 100k business loan is ideal for both small, medium, and even large businesses that need a cash injection for one reason or another. However, this sum of money cannot just be given to anyone – there are a set of requirements lenders require borrowers to meet.

Some of the common eligibility criteria you should expect to be faced with include:

  • Minimum turnover of £XXX per month
  • Be a registered UK business operating in the country
  • Show proof that you have been in operation for a certain period – usually 18 months
  • A personal guarantee from the business owner or one of the directors.

Alternatively, you can contact us on PHONEXXX to speak with one of our experts.

Business Loan Calculator

A business loan calculator is a key tool for any business or business owner who wants to apply for a commercial loan. Without the business loan calculator, you won’t know the total potential cost of your loan and this can lead to you making a wrong business decision.

To get a good idea of what our 100K business loan will cost you and your business, make use of our user-friendly and smart business loan calculator. This tool will show you your potential repayments, fees, interest rates, and so on. Get started on your journey to business finance by gaining important insight via our business loan calculator.

What’s the Typical Interest Rate for a Business Loan of up to 100K?

At Fast Forward Finance, we work with lenders that have competitive rates for 100K business loans starting at just 1.5% per month, with no additional arrangement or early repayment charges.

If your business can repay early, you’ll only need to pay interest charges based on the duration of the loan. In addition, as the loan is flexible, you can take advantage of repayment holidays or extra loan top-ups. Not sure how this works? Call PHONEXXX to compare loan rates or speak to an expert today.

What are the Benefits of a Business Loan of up to 100K?

Taking out a business loan, especially one for a huge amount like 100K can be overwhelming for most business owners. However, this system of financing has such tremendous benefits. Some of the reasons why you should consider taking out a 100K business loan are:

It’s cost-effective: Repaying a loan over months rather than years means you’re paying less in interest. Also, it doesn’t commit your business to years of repayment, which can provide peace of mind.

Borrow money even if you have bad credit or no credit history. Unlike a bank loan from a small business, we don’t do tough credit checks. Instead, we look at the recent cash-flow transactions in your business, meaning we don’t just rely on your credit history or score when making decisions, but rather on the viability of your business.

Invest in new equipment or inventory. You can use a business loan of 100K to provide the working capital you need to restore your inventory and meet the demand of your customers.

Quick and simple process: There’s no need to go through the sort of laborious processes or legalities that you might face with other types of finance. In your account, you could have the funding you need within as little as 24 hours of applying, as long as you can meet the requirements of the lender.

No hidden APR or fixed monthly repayments. Instead of getting stuck in a monthly fixed repayment debt, your business can pay back its loan through a small, pre-agreed fraction of its monthly income, allowing you to focus on running your business and growing it.

Flexible repayment terms: With most lenders, the terms vary from 1 to 12 months, and repayments may be made weekly or monthly.

Boost your cash flow. Inject capital into your business to avoid challenges with cash flow. In case of unexpected costs, a 100K business loan can be used to guarantee financial stability.

Some of the Sectors we lend to:

  • Retail businesses
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Hotels and B&Bs
  • Hair and beauty salons
  • Dentists and opticians
  • Vets
  • Auto garages and MOT centres

How does the Application Process for a Business Loan of up to 100K work?

Initial Application

To get started with your 100K business loan, complete a simple application and provide us with the personal and financial details our lenders can use to make fair decisions.


Underwriting a loan means assessing whether an applicant is eligible for a loan or not and whether they are eligible for what terms this applicant qualifies for.

Our lenders will use this stage to evaluate your loan application to determine if you qualify for a 100K business loan. Because we reach out to multiple lenders for your sake, you can expect multiple offers to choose from at the end of the lender underwriting process.


Once the underwriting stage is over with, we will make you offers from our partner lenders. These offers will cover the loan amount, loan term, security requirements, interest rates and fees. You can then choose to accept one of the offers so that we can go ahead with the loan process.

Contract Signing

The necessary forms will be sent to you for signature. Also, we may need to work with you to complete further steps where necessary.


If everything checks out, you can obtain a 100K loan in just 24 to 48 hours. Once the funds have been deposited to your account you will then have to pay back the money in scheduled monthly repayments.

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What can you use a Business Loan of up to 100K for?

You can use a 100K loan for any of the following:

  • Start-up costs
  • Property investment for business
  • Buying stock and inventory
  • Recruiting and training staff
  • Marketing expenses
  • Tax and VAT payments
  • Managing cash flow
  • Funding business expansion projects

Why Choose Fast Forward Finance for a Business Loan of up to 100K?

Unsecured Loans Available

Unsecured loans are difficult to obtain because lenders prefer when borrowers secure the loan amount against property. However, at Fast Forward Finance, we may be able to work out an unsecured loan product for you under the right circumstances. Note that unsecured loans tend to come with higher interest rates and fees.

No Early Repayment Fees

Paying off a loan early allows you to spend or save the amount you would have been using to service the debt that you’ve just paid off, making it easier on your month-to-month finances. Our lenders will allow you to pay off your loan early to avoid interest and not pay any fees or penalties if you do so.

Flexible or Fixed-term Payments

Our lenders offer varying flexibility when it comes to terms of repayment. Many allow you to repay daily, some require you to repay the loan monthly and some require you to repay it weekly.

Figure out which one better suits the cash-flow needs of your company and we can start searching for a lender willing to accommodate you.

Fast Funding

We understand the market dynamics and complex financial needs to sustain various businesses. With our 100K business loan product, you can have the cash you need to handle cash-flow problems and any other business finance needs without suffering any form of business interruption.

Once your company has been approved for business financing, you’re all set. Your money will be wired to your company bank account and you can collect the cash you need when you need it most.

Fair Decisions

At Fast Forward Finance, our partner lenders are more interested in the viability of your business, your loan security, and how you intend to repay the loan rather than in your business credit rating or financial circumstances. This means that you can expect fair decisions on all loan applications.

We’re Easy to Work With

Our business finance brokers are honest, knowledgeable and easy to talk to – and best of all, our employees are available at any time to discuss your options, and make every detail clear to you.

So, if you’re looking to grow your business, want to buy new property, or need a cash-flow infusion, get in contact with us here and get easy access to a vast array of business loans.

Stellar Customer Service

Service and reputation mean everything to us, and we’re focused on building long-term partnerships by going beyond what you’d expect from a traditional financial broker. Our mission is simple: we’re here to get the best financial product for your situation at the cheapest cost, so that you can grow your business with better financial support.

Our devoted and world-class customer service aims to always go the extra mile to help you at every step of your loan journey.  Our biggest testimonial is when our customers are happy.

Transparency Every Step of the Way

At Fast Forward Finance, we and our partner lenders take pride in making our deals straightforward from beginning to end. The borrowing costs are set out clearly from the outset and generally have no other hidden fees or unexpected charges associated with them.

Following the FCA Rules

As professional loans brokers, we do not make approval decisions. Our job is to search for and secure the best loan deals for our customers and connect them with suitable lenders, all of which we do in accordance with FCA rules and regulations.

Dedicated Account Executives

At every stage of your working with us to secure the ideal business loan, you will have your very own dedicated account executive who will be your contact person and provide you with all the help and assistance you need. Your very own professional will see to it that your experience with us is as enjoyable as possible.

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How to Apply Online for one of our Business Loans of up to 100K

It couldn’t be easier to apply for short-term business finance through Fast Forward Finance. You should start by filling out our easy online application form if you think this funding option is right for your business.

Once the application form has been submitted, one of our trusted account executives will process and review the information given and will be in touch by phone in case any other information is needed. We will discuss the best lending choice for your company with you, as well as talk through any questions you may have. Our online application process has the following features:

Simple Qualifications

Registered businesses of any size can apply and benefit from a short-term loan of 100K. An application for a 100k business loan takes just minutes with really simple qualifications.

As long as you have a registered business operating in the UK, have sufficient equity in your security and a good plan to repay the loan, you stand a good chance of getting business financing from our partner lenders.

Easy Application Requirements

One of the benefits of using a business loans broker such as Fast Forward Finance is that you avoid all the extensive checks and paperwork common with regular bank loans. Our application requirements are easy to meet and if you encounter a problem, we are always on hand to provide help.

Super-Fast Approvals

Our partner lenders at Fast Forward Finance are known for their speedy decisions and fast approval process. Once everything checks out and your loan is approved, you will get the funds you need in a very short time.

Want to Check your Eligibility Before you Apply?

Before applying, check that you satisfy the minimum eligibility criteria. It is the first step and one of the most important in applying for a business loan as it helps to narrow down the most appropriate options.

Still have questions?

Want to check your eligibility before you apply for a Development Bridging Loan?