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*Rates and fees may need to be amended to reflect current market conditions.

Welcome to Fast Forward Finance

Fast Forward Finance is an independent business development loans broker that connects companies to the most appropriate funding facilities in the UK.

The team at Fast Forward Finance is passionate about helping UK businesses explore lending options so that they don’t suffer from business interruption caused by lack of sufficient finance. If you are in need of a business loan to move your business to the next level, get much needed equipment, or expand your business space, you are on the right page.

Speak to our experts on what your funding needs are so that they can come up with a suitable short-term business development loan plan that is tailored-made just for you.

A Trusted Capital Source for over Xnumber of Businesses

Fast Forward Finance has been working exclusively with a wide range of lenders since year XXX, all of which can provide small to medium-sized businesses with access to the capital they require to optimise the potentials of their business.

We strive to offer easy, inexpensive loan brokerage services with greater flexibility, transparent arrangements, minimal administrative processes, and no exit fees to the growing number of businesses that alternative sources of financing.

You too can take advantage of our services to get financing for your business.

Get in touch today to find out how.

A Proven Track Record in Providing Business Finance

Since our inception in year XXX, we have strived to earn a name for being one of the top sources of financing for businesses in the UK. Our track record speaks for itself – with dozens of businesses having benefited from our expertise, industry knowledge and business development loan broker service.

At Fast Forward Finance, we only work with reliable, transparent lenders who can take your business needs and circumstances into account when considering loan applications.

Our Business Finance Specialist Team

Our team of experts aims to bring tremendous experience to the issue of arranging business development loans for business growth.

We have helped countless businesses gain access to some of the most competitive deals in business funding. You too can take advantage of our expertise, and experience to get the business loan you need to move your business to the next level.

Why not get in touch to talk about your business needs and see if you can put a loan deal together for you.

What is a Business Development Loan?

A Business Development Loan is a loan product designed specifically for businesses that need capital infusion for one purpose or another. With a business development loan, you can handle cash-intensive projects, expansions, inventory purchase and so on, and grow your business without putting your cash-flow in jeopardy.

If your company is to grow, you’ll need access to operating capital to pay for additional staff, office space, supplies, facilities, marketing and more. Unfortunately, not every business owner has access to the needed capital. This is where Fast Forward Finance comes in.

Via our range of lenders, from unsecured and secured loans to asset finance and merchant cash advances, you’ll have access to a range of business development loans that suit your unique business and financing needs. Contact us for more information.

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How to Finance your Business with a Business Development Loan

Consider a business development loan if you wish to keep full ownership of your business, do not have enough funds for expansion, but do not want the hassles that come with bank loans and mortgages. First, decide how much money you’ll need. Because each business has different needs, there is no one-size-fits-all financial solution. The financial condition of your business, your business needs, and what you intend to achieve will determine how much you seek in business loans and how you will go about it.

For example, if you want to buy equipment, you need to apply for a business equipment loan. On the other hand, it would be best to apply for a short-term loan if you want funds to keep the company going until customers and debtors make their payments.

Once you have decided on how much you need, you will need to explore business development loan providers to get a good deal. Thankfully, the experts at Fast Forward Finance can get this done for you easily, so that you can focus on the task of running your business.

Most small business owners use business development loans to pay for expensive supplies, buy inventory or recruit new staff. How you use these funds to help your company expand is up to you. If you are in the market for quick cash for business purposes, call PHONEXXX to talk to someone about your loan needs.

Are Business Development Loans Regulated?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) usually controls providers of business loans, but this is not a prerequisite for all forms of loans. For example, invoice funding is an unregulated type of loan from an FCA viewpoint.

To know more about FCA regulated loans we offer, contact us for information.

What are the Business Development Options Available with Fast Forward Finance?

Unsecured Business Development Loans

A lending option that does not need any personal or commercial properties as collateral.

Owing to their affordable costs, flexible terms and speed at which funds can be made available, unsecured business loans are becoming an increasingly common financing choice among business owners.

We provide an option to apply for unsecured business development loans as opposed to conventional lenders.

Secured Business Development Loans

Secured business loans allow your company to obtain even higher sums of loans by providing your business assets as collateral against the loan.

Secured business loans are an enticing choice for those with personal or business properties that can be used as collateral, searching for larger loan sums at the best possible terms, for a corporation or personal properties.

If you have enough equity in a personal or company property, you may be eligible to get a secured business development loan. Get in touch to find out more.

Invoice Finance

An invoice finance tool is used to transfer funds to an organisation, with pending invoices used as protection. We can support you as qualified invoice financing brokers to enjoy the best offers available to keep your company out of the red.

Invoice financing is suitable for companies who have lengthy payment times with clients, or that have clients that sometimes pay late.

Invoice financing can help bridge the cash-flow gap when it comes to paying workers’ salaries and vendors’ invoices. It can also come in handy for businesses that want to carry out projects without incurring excessive debt.

Asset Finance

Asset financing is primarily designed to help companies solve the difficulties of raising money they need to buy assets and equipment. Asset financing offers a more tailored alternative than getting an overdraft or bank loan, and helps companies to extend their payments over longer periods to reduce the burden of cash flows.

As an independent brokerage company in the UK, we can search for the very best business development loan option for your business. To explore your choices and see what’s open to you, get in touch today for a free no-obligation consultation.

The Benefits of Business Development Loans

  • The lender you borrow money from doesn’t get a part of the earnings from the company.
  • When it comes to debt repayments, it’s easier to handle the finances than with an institutional or equity investor as you don’t have to account for your profits.
  • You can use a business development loan however you see fit as long as it is used for business purposes.
  • You maintain full ownership of your business.
  • Applying is fast and simple and you can collect funds in just 24 hours if approved, which means that you can get started with your business project as soon as possible.
  • Business development loans are fast and scalable.
  • The interest rates on business development loans from specialised borrowers are no longer as high as they used to be, with prices starting from as low as 1.9%.
  • Cash flow is critical for any business and a cash infusion can be the solution a business needs. More cash allows you to buy new equipment, boost promotions and finance bigger contracts.
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What’s the Eligibility Criteria for Business Development Loans?

Business development loans are open to every type of functional business as long as the business operations are in the UK. However, most lenders will require that your business must have been operating for some time, usually 18 months, and with a turnover of XXX per year. Properly prepared books of account and a bank statement for the past 3 months may also be required.

Business Development Loans Calculator

Securing a business development loan for your business does not have to be difficult or complicated. Using our handy business development loan calculator, you can see how much money you can afford to borrow out and how the process will cost you.

Click here to use the calculator or PHONEXXX to speak with an expert one on one.

What’s the Typical Interest Rate for a Business Development Loan?

Generally, interest rates for business development range from 1.5% to 3% depending on the loan term, the sum you borrow and your company profile.

Our partner lenders aim to make rational lending choices based on a wide variety of parameters and credit records, so they will independently review your application and let you know what the loan will cost you before going forward with the process.

Some of the Sectors we lend to:

  • Retail businesses
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Hotels and B&Bs
  • Hair and beauty salons
  • Dentists and opticians
  • Vets
  • Auto garages and MOT centres

How does the Application Process for a Business Development Loan work?

  1. A short online application lets us test which loans you are eligible for, using your business information
  2. We will review your information and help you complete a full application based on your lending requirements.
  3. Our lenders will assess your application, and you will be informed as soon as possible of the outcome.
  4. If everything checks out, you will be offered an agreement in principle that contains the loan terms and every relevant information you need to make an informed decision.
  5. Once all the papers are drafted and signed, the payment will be made directly to your bank account.

What can Business Development Loans be used for?

  • Buying a new franchise.
  • Hiring more staff.
  • Having a second site set up.
  • Buying larger stock quantities for busier times, or to or to benefit from better prices when buying in bulk.
  • Renovating business premises.
  • Purchasing more vehicles.
  • Investing in training staff, especially when a company is looking to diversify.
  • Injecting funds into the company for marketing purposes and to promote market growth.

If you need a business development loan for your business, get in touch with us to discuss your business loan needs so that we can point you in the right direction.

Why Choose Fast Forward Finance for a Business Development Loan?

Unsecured Loans Available

Based on our close ties with the UK’s leading specialist lenders and exclusive deals, we may be able to provide an unsecured loan to suit your business needs.

With an unsecured business loan, you can access finance for your business quickly without offering an asset as security for the loan, such as property or collateral.

No Early Repayment Fees

The business loans that we aim to help you with, will allow you to grow your business the way you want and you can be certain that you won’t get hit with extra charges for early repayment.

Flexible or Fixed-term Payments

We pride ourselves on being flexible. The business development loans from our affiliate lenders don’t come with the same strict restrictions as traditional bank loans, allowing you the stability you need.

These loans have both fixed monthly repayments and adjustable payments so you can manage your company finances as you expand.

Fast Funding

You can get a decision in seconds with our quick and easy application process, and the capital you need in as few as two business days, as long as you can meet the lenders’ criteria.

Fair Decisions

The lenders we work with are known for considering every loan application on its own merits. This means that they will deliver fair decisions based on the viability of your business and exit strategy.

We’re Easy to Work With

At Fast Forward Finance, we take pride in the level of service we offer to each of our customers. We strive to listen to your needs and to guarantee that you get the best solution we have to offer based on your unique needs.

Stellar Customer Service

If stellar customer service is what you are looking for in a loans broker, you are on the right page. At Fast Forward Finance, we work to be known for our world-class customer service, attention to detail, and seamless experience all around.

Transparency Every Step of the Way

At Fast Forward Finance, we take the issue of trust pretty seriously. This means that every process of our brokerage service is clear and transparent from the very beginning. There are no hidden costs and no unpleasant surprises along the way.

Dedicated Account Executives

Whatever your business development loan needs, we aim to work closely with you to create a loan plan that fits your company requirements.

One of our dedicated account executives will be with you through the application process and will serve as a permanent point of contact at every point of your loan process and term.

How to Apply Online for one of our Business Development Loans

Simple Qualifications

You must live and operate your business in the UK. You must be 18 or older. Your business must have been operating for a minimum of 18 months. Some lenders will demand a longer operation period, regardless, the qualifications for a development bridging loan are simple and easy to achieve.

roof of a reasonable repayment plan and security.

Super-fast Approvals

One benefit about our development loan process is that you can be sure of super-fast approvals. As long as all the relevant details check out, and you can pass the lender’s criteria, your application will be approved and disbursement of funds can be fast-tracked so that you can handle your business needs quickly.

Easy Application Requirements

You would usually need to gather a number of relevant documentation and financial information to complete the loan, including bank accounts, corporate and personal tax reports, credit score, business plan, etc. As a running business, this paperwork should be easy to put together, hence our easy and hassle-free application requirements. You will also be required to show p

Want to Check your Eligibility Before you Apply?

It is a good idea to check your eligibility before applying for a business development loan. You can use our simple and user-friendly eligibility checker to check if you can go ahead with your loan application.

You can also get in contact with us to talk more about your eligibility should there be a problem.

Still have Questions?

If you have questions you need to be answered or just want to talk to someone about your loan needs, get in touch on PHONEXXX or send an email to EMAILXXX. We look forward to hearing from you.