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Welcome to Fast Forward Finance.

Welcome to Fast Forward Finance. With years of experience in the bridging loans industry, we are one of the most experienced brokers in the short-term financing market. We have helped arrange bridging loans that have enabled hundreds of businesses and individuals to pay tax bills, whilst maintaining adequate cash flow.

Our experience in sourcing and arranging bridging loans is extensive in the bridging finance industry. We not only help source and arrange the bridging finance but also offer advice and guidance throughout the process.

A Trusted Capital Source for Over XXXnumber of Businesses

At Fast Forward Finance, we have a team of finance experts who specialise in bridging loans and understand the processes of paying taxes with this type of finance. This always gives our bridging loan clients confidence because they know that they can rely on the information that we provide and our professional approach.

Our bridging loan expertise has been leveraged countless times to help businesses raise the much-needed capital for the next phase of their business, and for individuals and businesses to pay tax bills.

A Proven Track Record of Providing Bridging Loans

Fast Forward Finance is a bespoke broker that specialises in arranging high-speed finance and prides itself on finding loans that meet the needs of its clients.

We are a bridging finance broker with access to a wide range of finance sources, a good understanding of bridging finance lender underwriting requirements, and a proven track record of lending.

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Our Team of Bridging Finance Specialists

We have a team of specialists who specialise in bridging loans, tax financing and other forms of corporate or personal finance. This expertise means that our large and varied client can trust us to offer them expert advice and appropriate tax bridging loan options.

What Is a Tax Bridging Loan?

Bridging loans are short-term financing product that can be used to settle all types of urgent debt, including inheritance tax bills, HMRC tax claims, and various other time-sensitive financial obligations that need to be settled quickly.

Regardless of whether you are an individual or a company, it can be difficult to include unexpected or expected taxes in your budget or cash flow modelling. But finding the finances for a tax return doesn’t have to be a stressful process.

Short term bridging loans tend to be much faster to arrange than regular loans, meaning that you can meet your tax obligation on time and not have to pay the HMRC late payment penalties.

Businesses often choose to take out short-term bridging loans so that they can focus on their business expansions or other aspects of their business while handling their tax liabilities, and with the improved cash flow that will come as a result of the expansion, they have a sure source to easily repay the loan.

A bridging loan gives you the short-term financing you need. Bridging loans can help you keep growing your business, running your project, or let you wait for the maturity of an investment without having to draw cash or liquidate assets or investments to pay your tax bill.

Tax loans designed to help manage your cash flow

The success of a company depends to a large extent on its liquidity, and sometimes borrowing is the best way to optimise your cash flow while meeting your financial responsibilities. By taking out a bridging tax loan, you can satisfy the taxman without affecting your corporate finances.

Applying for a bridging loan is straightforward. With flexible lending criteria, a bridge loan may be more accessible than a bank loan or other forms of finance.

What Is a Corporation Tax Bridge Loan?

Corporate income tax is a tax that all limited liability companies must pay and a tax that is levied on a company’s profits. Profits are all funds received after factoring deductible costs and expenses – or the amount of money that your company earns after removing overhead costs, salaries and costs incurred in the course of business, such as procurement of raw material and marketing costs.

If your company is a limited liability company, you are expected to pay taxes once a year. But because this tax it is usually paid in arrears, it’s easy to get caught if you haven’t put enough tax money aside throughout the year. This is why it is vital that you review your accounting year, as this determines when the annual tax is due.

At Fast Forward Finance, we may be able to help you get a bridging loan finance package to pay taxes. Tax bridging loans typically have available terms from 1 to 12 months. Payments can be made directly to the HMRC.

What Is a Tax Bridging Loan Secured Against?

Tax bridging loans are used as a solution for those who need quick access to finance in the short term to meet their tax obligations.

Tax bridging loans can be secured against almost any kind of property – commercial, industrial, buy-to-let or residential property. However, unlike traditional loans, the application process is flexible and straightforward, as long as the borrower can show a viable exit or repayment strategy.

Because tax bridge loans are secured against property or other valuable assets that serve as security, borrowers with a less than perfect credit score have the ability to secure the funding they want without all the checks and tough credit scoring that a traditional lender would require.

Borrow Up to £150 Million With Fast, Flexible Tax Bridging Loans

If you need quick cash to meet your tax obligations, Fast Forward Finance may be able to help you raise the funds you need. Our tax bridging loan broker service is quick and hassle-free so that you don’t get in trouble with the taxman.

You can apply for your tax bridging loan online. We ask you for the usual personal information about your business/ job and your income and expenses. With our fast and flexible tax bridging loans services, lenders may be able to loan you between £100,000 to £150 Million, as long as you can meet the lending criteria.

We always make it clear how much a bridging loan will cost before you decide to proceed. Bridging loans are a regulated product. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and follow processes that meet all regulatory requirements for bridging loans.

Short-term bridging loans for your tax finance needs

Although all good business owners are aware of their duty to HMRC, it is sometimes difficult to predict when you will have cash flow problems. Fortunately, there is a wide range of tax finance options that you can use to maintain healthy cash flow.

With our bridging tax loans brokerage services at Fast Forward Finance, you may be able to get the funds you need to meet your tax obligations on time while completing any other current plans alongside.

Why Use Tax Bridging Finance?

Sometimes a company or individual is faced with an unexpected tax bill that is hard to pay within the tax period. In such a situation, a bridging loan can be used to ensure that the tax is paid on time and a fine for late payment is avoided. At Fast Forward Finance, we may be able to help you secure a bridging loan that you can use to pay unexpected or particularly high tax burdens without affecting your overall cash flow.

Who Are Tax Bridging Loans for?

Most tax bills are not unexpected and can be planned for. However, there are cases when a large unexpected tax bill is received. There are also situations where a business opportunity or project arises and tax money would be better utilised to fund a short term investment. In cases like these, individuals or companies may have difficulty paying a tax bill before the payment deadlines.

Tax bridge loans are for people who want short term finance to cover a tax bill and who have funds arriving before the bridging loan is due to be paid off. Bridging loans are secured on property or another asset. Bridge loans are therefore accessible to people who may not be able to get a large loan through traditional lending channels. Bridging finance is normally accessible much faster than other types of loan. So, this type of finance is for those that need access to money fast.

Bridging loans are ideal for inheritance tax liabilities. Inheritance tax is typically due before the inheritance can be distributed. Thankfully, if you qualify for a bridging tax loan, you will be able to cover the tax and repay when the money arrives..

When Should You Use a Tax Bridging Loan?

A tax bridging loan is a type of short-term financing option that enables companies and individuals to meet their tax obligations without affecting their cash flow.

A tax bridging loan can be used when you are faced with an unexpected or very high tax burden that cannot be covered in your current financial situation. Applying for a tax bridging loan is the ideal way to pay the HMRC and avoid the high penalties associated with late tax payments.

Tax bridging loans can be used to cover corporate tax, self-assessment income tax, inheritance tax and Value Added Tax. Bridging loan lenders will look at how you are going to pay off your bridging loan and use their evaluation of this loan exit strategy as a major part of their decision to accept your bridging loan application. If you have security through property or other assets and have an investment maturing or cash injection coming, a bridging loan could be the answer to paying your tax bill on time.

How Tax Bridging Loans Can Help Your Business

Bridging loans are typically used to fill a short-term financial gap while waiting for other money to arrive. There are many situations when you are due money from a project, investment, inheritance, or the sale of a property, but the money takes time to arrive.

If the funds to pay tax are only needed for a short time, a bridging loan is often the cheapest solution.

Unlike mortgages or secondary loans, bridging finance can be arranged much faster and the cost of borrowing is often very competitive, especially when you consider the cost of paying early repayment charges or redemption penalties on other forms of finance.

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What is the typical interest rate for a tax bridging loan?

Interest rates on tax bridging loans are usually quite high compared to traditional finance and are often calculated monthly rather than annually. Bridging finance is designed to be used to cover short term financial obligations and so is not the same as traditional loans that you may be more familiar with.

Interest rates typically fall start from as low as 0.43% per month (particularly for loans secured against prime residential property). There are also rates around 0.7% to 0.8% per month, with between 1.5% to 2% as a lender arrangement fee.

It is important to point out that the interest rates and fees of a bridging loan will depend on the specific bridging loan lender, the amount borrowed, the level of security provided, the borrower’s credit history, the exit strategy and the unique loan situation.

Tax bridging loan calculator

With so many new bridging finance lenders entering the market and with different interest rates and fees, finding the right bridge loan is becoming increasingly difficult.

For this reason, we have developed a user-friendly bridging loan calculator that gives you a good idea of ​​what to expect when applying for a tax bridging loan. Our bridging loan calculator gives a good indication of the expected interest and repayment costs when applying for a bridging loan.

If you have questions about bridging loans, please get in touch with our bridging loan finance experts on PHONEXXX. We can give you an idea of the bridge loan lenders that might be suitable for you and can guide you through the bridging loan application process.

What fees are involved in a Tax Bridging loan?

Apart from the loan interest, you may be required to pay a few other bridging loan fees. At Fast Forward Finance, we charge competitive broker fees, and there are times when we charge nothing at all (though this depends on whether or not the selected lender will pay us an introduction fee at the completion of the loan arrangement). We tend to charge broker fees on loans of under £100,000.

Other costs you should be aware of include property/asset valuation fees for the surveyor who will value your property, exit fees (for lenders that charge early exit fees) and legal fees (which are usually charged at a fixed rate). Other bridge loan fees may also apply.  Before proceeding with a bridging loan we will provide you with a full illustration of all fees so you can decide whether the bridging funding is right for you.

What Are the Terms/Length for a Tax Bridging Loan?

Tax bridging loans are normally offered by private lenders rather than banks and other official financial institutions. While the bridging loan term depends on various factors, a typical bridging loan covers a period of one to twenty-four months.

At the end of the bridging finance term, you should have in place a long-term financial solution, or have received cash to pay off the bridging loan in full.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for a Tax Bridge Loan?

Whether you need to pay income or corporate tax before a deadline or you have inheritance tax to pay, you will need financing quickly, if you don’t have ready cash available. If this is the case, bridging finance could help – but do you meet lending criteria?

Short-term bridging loans are available to individuals or businesses that can meet the KYC (Know Your Client) criteria of the specific lender. Bridging loan finance companies will want a high level of confidence in the person or company to which they are lending.

Short-term bridging loans are available to people living in the United Kingdom and ex-pats, who are at least 18 years of age and have UK citizenship. Many bridging lending firms will also require that you demonstrate proof of profits and all will want a clear picture of how you will repay the bridging loan. Eligibility will also be judged on your ability to provide property or assets as security for the bridging finance.

We can quickly assess your specific situation at Fast Forward Finance and tell you if you are likely to qualify for a bridging loan.

Can I Apply for a Tax Bridging Loan if I am a Sole Trader or a Partnership?

Bridging funding can be used by individuals, limited liability companies, retailers, partnerships and trusts.

To learn more about tax bridging loans, fill out our contact form or call our bridging loan specialist now on PHONEXXX.

What type of security can I use when applying for tax bridging funding?

Bridging lenders usually require collateral in the form of property. This can take the form of residential, buy to let or commercial property. It is also possible to secure bridging loans against land. Some bridging loan lenders will consider other high-value assets as collateral for a bridge loan, such as inventory, artwork or jewellery.

Bridging finance lenders and borrowers enter into an agreement whereby the service provider takes ownership of the property if the loan is not repaid as agreed. The loan is secured by the lender who is entered in the land register as a first, a second or sometimes a third charge.

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The Benefits of Getting A Tax Bridging Loan:

  • Control of cash flow
  • Protect your working capital
  • Fixed monthly payments or one-off payment
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Decisions in a few hours
  • Faster transfers of funds
  • Protects existing banking facilities
  • Quick and easy to arrange
  • HMRC receive the payment on time

What Can You Use a Tax Bridging Loan For?

Short-term loans can be used to fulfil a variety of business and personal tax obligations. For example, if your company receives a tax demand and is unable to raise the funds within the required timeframe, a bridging loan may be an appropriate option.

A bridging tax loan can also be used to meet other tax requirements including income, personal and even inheritance tax. The goal of a tax bridging loan is for you will be able to meet your tax obligations on time and avoid late payment penalties.  Tax bridging loans are not a long term solution. Bridging loans are a short term financial vehicle to cover a temporary cash-flow requirement while waiting for other funds to arrive. If you would like to know whether a bridging loan is suitable for your circumstances, contact our bridging finance team today.

Why Choose Fast Forward Finance for a Tax Bridging Loan?

There are many good reasons we should arrange your next bridging loan. First, we move very quickly (as our name suggests); almost always a requirement when it comes to bridging finance. We also do not charge you large brokerage fees, and sometimes we do not charge anything at all, depending on the selected lender. Need more reasons to choose Fast Forward Finance? See below:

No early repayment fees for bridging loans

If you take out a bridging loan, there is usually no penalty if you repay the bridging loan early. This can be a huge benefit if you don’t have an exact time when you know you can repay the loan. You can take a longer finance term to give you peace of mind and pay off early if your funds arrive earlier than expected. Talk to our bridging loan experts today to find out about loans that could meet your requirements. Ask about a bridging loan where you can pay before the due date without any additional costs.

Flexible or fixed-term payments

We arrange bridging loans with numerous bridging finance lender. This means that we have bridging lenders that offer different bridging finance underwriting criteria and different short term finance products. We have bridging lenders who may be able to offer fixed interest rates and fixed or flexible payments for your bridging loan. You to choose the loan type that best suits your purpose.

Fast funding

One of the main reasons for choosing bridging funding is that it is possible to accelerate the application process so that the money you need gets to your account very quickly. At best, a bridging loan can be taken out in as little as seven days, although it usually takes around 3 weeks.

If your credit rating is very good, the property you are securing the loan against is of high quality and the exit strategy is robust, we may be able to arrange your finance quickly when you work with us to complete the application quickly and efficiently. We understand lending criteria and will guide you through the paperwork to make the process as smooth as possible.

Easy to work with

At Fast Forward Finance, we strive to help our clients achieve their financial goals. We are open, clear and transparent about our fees and seek to make the bridging loan application process as simple and clear as possible.

We proffer expert advice and may be able to secure suitable bridging loan options that are best suited to your specific situation.

Financial Conduct Authority regulated

At Fast Forward Finance, we are approved and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We strictly adhere to the FCA rules and ensure that we always do the right thing in the best interests of our clients. It is important to us that the short-term loan solutions we source are based on a comprehensive understanding of your situation and requirements, as well as a solid logic, and that the bridging loans taken out by our clients are affordable, manageable and suitable.

Dedicated account manager

At Fast Forward Finance, we provide you with a dedicated account manager for your bridging loan. You will have direct access to an expert who will understand the specifics of your situation and application so that you do not have to repeat your information more than once.

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Outstanding customer service

If you need first-class customer service, you can always rely on Fast Forward Finance. Whether you are connecting to ask a question, apply for a tax bridging loan or check the status of your application, our bridging loan team is professional, friendly and will always put your interests first.

Transparency at every turn

At Fast Forward Finance, our clients vouch for the transparency of our processes and the integrity of our business. We are transparent every step of the way, from bridging loan application through to completion. Do you need quick funds to meet your tax obligations? Don’t fret. Call Fast Forward Finance on PHONEXXX to find out if you can get a tax bridging loan fast.

How does the application process for a tax bridging loan work?

Before you apply for a bridging loan, you should consider that you must be able to demonstrate a strong exit strategy to convince a lender to offer you bridging finance.
A typical bridging loan application process involves the following steps:

  1. We carry out a factual investigation with the borrower in order to determine their personal and financial situation.
  2. We request details of the exit strategy, evaluate it and will ask to see evidence of it (e.g. a deal in principle if it is a for a remortgage).
  3. We search for the ideal lender and will talk with the borrower about their options.
  4. We will complete the application process, managing all paperwork and document requirements efficiently.
  5. After completing the application process, the borrower will receive the decision, which may be a conditional offer. Unlike a mortgage, this is non-binding and depends on the valuation and certain conditions of the lawyers.
  6. The application will then be forwarded to the lawyers for completion.
  7. If the application is successful. the completion and release of funds can take place shortly afterwards

How to apply online for one of our Tax Bridging Loans

Applying for a tax bridging loans is very easy. Simply use the tax bridging loan application here on our website, fill out all the required fields and click submit. A bridging loan account manager will then get in touch quickly. You can also call PHONEXXX or send an email to EMAILXXX.

Super-Fast Approvals

At Fast Forward Finance, we work with lenders whose approval process is the fastest in the industry. As long as everything is in place and properly checked, you may be able to get initial bridging loan approval in just a few hours from the submission of paperwork. If you are successful, funding can be in your account in less than 24 hours from approval or can be paid directly to the HMRC. Typically bridging loans take 7 days to 21 days.

Want to check your eligibility before you apply for a Tax Bridging Loan?

We have a lot of experience with bridging loans. To check whether you are likely to be eligible for a bridging loan get in touch on PHONEXXX. We will take you through some pre-qualification questions, get to understand your situation and give you an idea of the likelihood of bridging finance lenders accepting an application.

It will be after the full application that you get a reply from a lender, but we can help you understand your chances, the interest rates you are likely to receive, and which lenders might be most suitable for your circumstances.

Have bridging finance questions? Call us today on 02035142058

Our Fast Forward Finance tax bridging solutions could make it easier to meet your tax obligations. If you have any questions on getting a tax bridging loan