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Welcome to Fast Forward Finance

Fast Forward Finance is a highly experienced bridging loan brokering company operating in the UK that provides businesses with access and opportunities to business finance. Our success as a professional bridging loan broker lies in our ability to find the most effective financial plan to suit your needs.

To leverage the best available rates on the market, we use our strong relationships with private banks, expert lenders and wealth managers. We have access to a wide array of lenders for bridging loans. Get your bridging loan needs sorted out now.

A Trusted Capital Source for Over Xnumber of Businesses

Our team has helped many companies gain short-term financing for a variety of uses. Not only do we provide sound advice depending on your particular circumstances, but we also partner with some specialist lenders to help companies with CCJs, defaults, bad loans, and potential insolvencies.

A Proven Track Record in Providing Bridging Loans

Fast Forward Finance has a proven track record in providing a full range of bridging loan brokering options to eligible individuals and businesses.

Cash flow problems, new machinery for business, inventory, property purchase, development or refinancing, new vehicles, and so on can all be addressed using bridging loans. Whatever your funding needs, we have probably provided dozens of solutions to a countless number of customers in the past.

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Our Bridging Finance Specialist Team

Our devoted 50K bridging loans team always aims to have the knowledge required and the connections necessary to work directly with expert lenders. This also helps us to find and manage the best possible short-term lending opportunities for up to 50K in loan amounts.

What is a Large Bridging loan?

A large bridging loan is a short-term loan facility backed by property or other forms of security for any amount over £XXX and up to £50,000.

What is a Bridging Loan up to 50K secured against?

A 50K bridging loan may be secured against any appropriate property, whether residential, commercial or rental, or other fixed property assets such as land.

Can you get an Unsecured Bridging Loan Up to 50K?

Fast Forward Financing may be able to help you get up to 50K of an unsecured loan. However, bridging loans are normally secured against property or assets.

This form of financing is ideally suited where there is need for quick capitalisation or for short-term investment.

Borrow up to 50K with Fast Flexible Bridging Loans

We aim to connect you with lenders who may be willing to consider your loan application and help you determine the terms and conditions that are best suited to your financial situation.

Bridging Loans for your Short-term Financing Needs

Whether you’re investing, looking to improve your place of business or even reduce your debts, a bridging loan of up to £50,000 could be the solution you need.

Why use Bridging Finance?

There are several reasons why bridging finance may be the ideal solution to your funding problems.

Common reasons for using bridging finance include cash flow management, land acquisitions, construction or refinancing, and inventory purchase. If you have any of the requirements mentioned above, you should consider bridging loans, because they can be secured very easily and come with varied flexible terms of borrowing.

In many cases, you can get an approval in principle without the need for extensive background and credit checks and as long as you are able to provide the necessary security, you have an excellent chance of receiving the funds you need. Even if you have arrears or bad credit, a lender will remain confident as the loan will simply be secured against your collateral and exit plan.

Who are Bridging Loans for?

A 50K bridging loan is a short-term loan commonly used by those in transition, such as borrowers who want to buy a new home while their current home is on the market.

Landlords and property investors can also use this kind of funding to help develop their portfolios.

When Should you use a Bridging Loan?

If you need a short-term loan, a bridging loan up to 50k could be a very good option. However, despite you needing easy access to the funds, be sure to use bridging financing only if you are sure you can pay it back easily. A 50K bridging loan is short-term in nature and is intended to provide an easy funding solution for businesses and individuals who are confident that they can pay off the debt quickly.

How Bridging Loans can Help Your Business

You can use bridge financing to gain access to the funds you need to get through a tough time when your company is in a tight financial situation. The speed of funding is one of the biggest advantages bridge finance has to bring. If approved, you can expect to collect the funds within a matter of hours or days of applying.

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How to get the right Bridging Loan Up to £50K for your business?

As bridging loans are a specialist lending option that is only meant for short-term funding, it is important to have a stable and feasible exit strategy in place before you think about taking one out.

Bridging loans are without a doubt a very useful tool when it comes to raising funds, but they can be more volatile than other types of financing. As such, careful consideration of your choices is necessary before acting and expert advice is required at all times.

It is important to understand how the loan works and what the likely costs are when looking to take out a bridging loan, particularly for the first time. Use our free bridging loan comparison tool to compare rates and costs based on your circumstances.

If your case is complicated, consult with one of our specialists on bridging loans before applying. Our business experience and knowledge will help you easily find the best deal and understand how the loan will work, and what you are supposed to do.

What’s the typical interest rate for a Bridging Loan Up to £50K?

Costs for borrowing vary greatly from one lender to another. Interest rates of less than 0.5% a month are the default, which amounts to only 3% of the total interest due over a repayment period of six months. Many borrowers find finance bridging considerably more feasible than long-term lending and funding solutions.

Bridging Loan Calculator

An important first step in assessing the feasibility of using bridging finance is the use of a bridging loan calculator.

Our bridging loan calculator will help you understand what the monthly interest rates would look like.

The calculator will also demonstrate how interest rate increases can have a significant effect on your monthly average repayments.

The easy to use calculator will allow you to make a quick cost estimate for the bridging finance you need. Our specialist loan team, who will be happy to explain the bridging loan process and help you work out an exit strategy at the end of the loan period, can provide additional assistance with regard to loan calculations.

What kind of fees are involved in a Bridging Loan Up to £50K?

The amount of fees is difficult to generalise since they vary wildly between lenders. However, to provide a ballpark estimate, you may need to pay for: the initial assessment; an agreement fee or facility charge which could be around 2% of the loan; the legal fees of the lender; as well as your own.

You should also expect to pay a broker fee, which will often be, depending on the lender, 1% of the loan, and an exit fee (where applicable), which could be around 1% of the loan.

What are the Term Lengths for a Bridging Loan Up to £50K?

Many bridging loans of up to 50K are typically up to 12 months long, but in certain cases can be extended. Interest accrued over the loan term is usually rolled up and paid at the end when the loan is repaid.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for a Bridging Loan up to 50K?

Qualifying criteria for a 50K bridging funding depends on factors such as the amount of security you have, the ratio of the loan to the interest, the availability of a clear exit plan and the credit score and ability to repay the lender. Every case is handled on a case-by-case basis with the most important criteria being security/collateral.

What type of security can I use when applying for a Bridging Loan Up to £50K?

A bridging lender may consider using any type of property as collateral including residential property such as a house and buy-to-lets, commercial property such as offices and storage facilities, construction land or building plots and even farms or sports complexes.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Bridging Loan Up to £50K

Bridging loans provide many benefits compared to other types of financing. When funding is needed only for a short period of time, they often provide the quickest option to raise the necessary funds.

Furthermore, they are easy to organise and have flexible lending criteria so that approvals can be granted easily without lengthy checks. They can also be secured on all types of property, including property that is considered to be unsuitable by other lenders. The drawbacks of bridging loans? They’re costlier than conventional loans. Although the rates are falling, for most property transactions, conventional mortgages are still by far the most economical choice.

Since most loans are very short term, you will face major difficulties if you have trouble with your chosen method of repayment. Failure to repay the loan at the end of the term would eventually result in repossession.

What can you use a Bridging Loan for?

Business funding : Bridging loans can also serve as a real lifeline for professionals at all levels, from initial business establishment costs to unexpected shortfalls, to pressing tax payment requirements.

Chain break finance : Instead of allowing a property sale to fall through should a member in the purchase/sale chain withdraws, a bridging loan can enable the transaction to go ahead irrespectively. The loan can then be repaid by finding a new buyer a little further down the line.

Pay Tax Liabilities : When you find out that you will have a larger amount due for your taxes than you originally suspected, you may need to get money quickly to pay the amount owed.

Instead of trying to negotiate with the government, getting a bridging loan is the easiest way to get the money you need quickly so you don’t have to think about the consequences of your tax payment being late.

Why Choose Fast Forward Finance for a Bridging Loan Up to £50K?

Adverse Credit Loans Available

Yes, we have lenders that take all credit issues into consideration. This means that even with missing mortgage payments, we may be able to get you a bridging loan, as long as you meet the lender’s criteria and have a solid exit strategy.

No early repayment fees

Our bridging loans do not typically come with exit fees or early repayment costs, however, there is the small chance that a lender may insist on an exit/early repayment fee or have additional costs. We will advise you if this is the case with a lender that you are considering.

Flexible or fixed term payments

Bridging loans are structured to be scalable and at Fast Forward Financing, we aim to arrange the loan in the most appropriate manner that will benefit both the lender and borrower. This may well include no upfront fees and adjustable repayment terms.

Fast Funding

One of the biggest advantages of bridging loans is that you often get the funding you need very easily so that you can best leverage business opportunities that may arise. For example, at Fast Forward Finance, loans can be financed within 24hours of approval.

Fair decisions

We try to reduce all paperwork as much as possible to allow for a fair and timely review of your situation.

We’re easy to work with

While you may apply for most of our services online, a helpful, friendly voice is always just a phone call away. We strive to be easy to work with and to have one of the best customer services in the industry.

Stellar Customer Service

Fast Forward Finance can assist in arranging a high-quality bridging loan for your business. We endeavour to focus on quality and customer care as a priority in how we communicate and deliver bridging loan products.

Transparency Every Step of the Way

As our client, you will enjoy an honest and transparent service because we believe that it is important everyone understands the position from the get-go. Each loan we deliver is crafted around the specific requirements of the client.

Following the FCA rules

At Fast Forward Finance, all our undertakings are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and as such, we are perfectly positioned to advise on bridging, and on whether this form of financing is suitable for your case.

Dedicated Account Executives

While dealing with different service providers we understand how important it is to have a single point of contact. That’s why every client has their own dedicated account executive, who acts as your single contact point. If you deal with Fast Forward Finance, you don’t have to worry about getting caught up in an automated phone network.

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Some of the Sectors we lend to:

  • Retail businesses
  • Supermarkets
  • Speciality retailers
  • Department stores
  • Ecommerce stores
  • Convenience retailers
  • Warehouse retailers
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Ethnic restaurants
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Fast casual restaurants
  • Casual dining restaurants
  • Premium casual restaurants
  • Fine dining restaurants
  • Cafés
  • Cafeteria
  • Coffee houses
  • Destination restaurants
  • Pubs
  • Hotels
  • Hotels
  • Self-catering (holiday cottages)
  • Bed and breakfasts
  • Hostels
  • Camping and caravanning parks
  • Hair and beauty salons
  • High street salons
  • Spa salons
  • Mobile hair salons
  • Mobile beauty salons
  • Dentists and opticians
  • Dental and maxillofacial radiologists
  • Endodontics
  • Restorative dentists
  • Oral medicine practitioners
  • Oral surgery practitioners
  • Paediatric dentists
  • Special care dentists
  • Optometrists
  • Dispensing opticians
  • OMPs.
  • Vets
  • Dental specialists
  • Emergency care specialists
  • Surgical specialists
  • Cardiac specialists
  • Orthopaedic specialists
  • Auto garages and MOT centres
  • Service technicians
  • Diagnostic technicians
  • Brake and transmission technicians
  • Body repair technicians
  • Vehicle refinishers
  • Vehicle inspectors

How Does the Application Process for a Bridging Loan up to 50K work?

Step 1: Enquiry During the initial phone call, we try to give free and impartial advice to each of our prospective clients, where we will address the individual needs, personal circumstances and the choices available.

Step 2: Finance sourcing We then source bridging lenders by searching for an offer (an initial approval before submission) although many bridging lenders miss this stage and go straight to full application.

It usually takes around an hour or two to find a suitable funding solution. Once one of our lenders has approved you, we send you an email with further details.

Step 3: Valuation If you decide to go ahead with the bridging loan deal, we will then need to arrange for a valuation of the property/properties you are using as security.

Step 4: Legal work The necessary legal work can be carried out simultaneously with the valuation, depending on the urgency of the situation.

Step 5: Payout Once the loan is ready, the funds can either be released to the borrower immediately or as soon as is necessary.

How to Apply Online for one of our Bridging Loans up to 50K

You may apply online for bridging loans up to 50K. No need to give us any physical copies of your papers. Indeed, no need for too much paperwork when you apply through Fast Forward Finance.

Unlike your local bank or building society that may require you to provide different forms, we will not. Everything is done online; our application process is paper-free.

Please visit our application page here, to apply online or get in touch with one of our expert brokers on PHONEXXX to talk more about your bridging loan needs.

Simple Qualifications

Unlike other finance companies, bridging lenders are very flexible when it comes to fulfilling their customers’ needs. They are not overly concerned with a client’s credit rating, whether they are self-employed or have monthly earnings or not.

In fact, usually, they are only interested in a realistic exit strategy and the security that you provide.

Easy Application Requirements

If you can prove that you have the collateral or financial resources to support the interest payments on the bridging loan, a loan can be arranged without hassle or tedious paperwork.

Super-fast Approvals

Fast Forward Finance acts as a multi-lender broker and the online application opens more than one door to bridging finance.

Not only does your loan application take minutes to complete, but the approval process also is not dragged out after it has been submitted, as it could be at the local bank. Once you meet the lender’s criteria and fulfil all the relevant requirements, your loan application could be approved in hours.

Want to Check your Eligibility Before you Apply for a Bridging Loan?

Contact us on phoneXXXX or fill in the eligibility check form below to check your eligibility and get the ball rolling on your application.

Still have questions?

Whatever your inquiry and no matter how involved you want to be with the case, we have a service that can be tailored to your needs and can offer access to even non-accessible lenders and great rates.